One of the Most Important Astrological Events of 2021 Is About to Begin

Hope you’re ready, bc one of the most important astrological events of 2021 is about to begin. It’s a little (big) something called “Saturn square Uranus,” meaning these two planets are forming a 90-degree angle (a big deal in astrology).

This transit occurs three (!!!) times in 2021: February 17, June 14, and December 24. Think of February 17 as the first chapter in the “story” of these squares—the effects will continue all. year. long. Keep your eyes and ears open!

To get an idea of what to expect, we have to go back in time about 20 years. From 1999 to 2001, Saturn (in Taurus) and Uranus (in Aquarius) squared off. This time around, Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Taurus.

On a global level, past Saturn and Uranus squares have been associated with falls of governments such as the U.S.S.R. and economic changes like the Great Depression. Back in 1999-2001, the internet started changing the way we connect with the world, as well as how we do business and make money.

Fast forward to 2021. As the first square occurs, we’ll begin to see more of a reliance on the internet to help us make money and investment, but the way we connect will have to be regulated.

On an individual level, this will be a time of great change and personal growth, which we may not be ready for. You might find yourself feeling rebellious, pushing against the status quo (just don’t be surprise if it pushes back). This tension is needed as we break free from everything that’s been holding us back. You got this!

Read your Sun/Rising horoscope:


Your finances are reallllly up and down. One day, you’ll feel like you can buy all the takeout and tie-dye sweatpants you want. The next, you’ll be eating PB&J sandwiches for dinner as you stare at your bank account balance. Try to create a budget that works for you so your cash never runs low.


Change is happening. And you aren’t ready for it. Instead of running away and hiding under a rock, lean into this transformation. It’s time for a life makeover: a career revamp and relationship status update will help.


You’re committing to new beliefs that are different from the ideology you grew up with. Which is stressful, because it’s challenging your familial relationships. It’s okay: You can mix the new with the old and find balance that works for you.


Fear of the unknown is holding you back, Cancer! You hate change, but sometimes it needs to happen, like now. But you don’t have to move fast and make extreme decisions. Take baby steps towards changing your beliefs. Move at your own pace.

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Your professional life is transforming. You don’t want to stick to the old ways of doing things, and you’re ready for new career opportunities. The downside: Existing contracts are holding you back from fully pursuing your goals, creating major annoyances.


Your mind is evolving, which is great. But you’re finding that you can’t keep up with all the changes in your day-to-day grind. Take a few moments to process everything that’s happening, and you’ll feel more chill.


Setting boundaries in relationships is challenging, especially when your moods are always changing. Once you make a decision, stick to the limits you set with others—and make sure you respect their boundaries, too.


Tensions are rising at home; in fact, all your interpersonal relationships are a bit up and down these days. The only way to deal is to have an open discussion with your partner or family members Don’t hold back your feelings!


Lately, you’ve been feeling stunted, like you can’t express yourself to your loved ones. Don’t hesitate! Let your feelings be known. It’s time to tell everyone about your plans and dreams.


Your finances are stressing you out, and to top it off, you’re feeling jelly of friends who seemingly have more money than you. Don’t compare yourself to others, Cap. You’re doing the best you can.


You’re feeling growing pains thanks to your inability to let change manifest in your personal life. If you allow yourself to embrace transformation, you’ll find that life is full of many possibilities and opportunities. Let yourself evolve.


Keeping an open mind can be hard, Pisces. As much as you want to hear about the wild escapades your friends are having, you may be a little judgmental. This can create friction in your friendships. When you feel the urge to judge, take a step back before expressing your views.

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