OnlyFans saved my life when I was starving and now I have money to help others

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An OnlyFans star has revealed she used to be so poor she didn't have enough money for food – and now she earns thousands selling her X-rated images online.

Nina, who is on Instagram, had a "very Catholic" upbringing and told Daily Star some of her family members "don’t talk to me anymore and have completely cut me off".

She added that, in Ireland, sex workers are "generally hated and looked down on" but for her, it was a way to finally have enough money for her basic needs.

Discussing her dramatic change of fortune, Nina said: "I went from having to shamefully contact charities so I could get food vouchers so I could get the bare minimum, to not having to check my bank balance before I buy groceries – it may not sound like a huge thing to most, but it means the world to me.

"I was depressed and weak because I didn’t have the means to eat, there were some weeks I went days without food but I was too embarrassed to ask for continuous help."

Nina explained that, as soon as she started sex work her life changed for the better.

She earns so much she could spend "thousands on five-star resorts", but is instead saving up to by a house without the need of a mortgage as it is a "life goal".

"I’ve gone from €330 (£283) a month, to €2,000 (£1,716) a day easily," Nina continued.

"I regularly donate earnings of mine to the charities that helped me, they made me feel that I wasn’t alone, and I know that the money I donate to them will help more people, more people that were in the same or worse situation than I was in.

"No amount of money I give back will ever show them how much they truly helped me when I had absolutely no other option, and I’m grateful to be in the position to help others now – all because of my online sex work job."

OnlyFans is popular with sex workers to sell their pictures to fans, but the company sparked controversy earlier this year when it announced plans it would be scrapping its X-rated content.

After an outcry from his content creators, many of who said they relied on the site for their finances, the company pushed back the changes.

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