Page 3 babe flaunts transformation as she shows fans perfect new teeth

Gorgeous Page 3 model Apollonia Llewellyn has showed off her 'perfect' new teeth online.

The stunner, who is sometimes known by her model name of Barbi, took to her Instagram story to show off her transformation.

The 22-year-old has completed her smile journey after having Invisalign and cosmetic bonding with clinic Smiles by Gurms.

And she couldn't wait to show off her new knashers online.

Apollonia, who posts under the Instagram handle @apolloniallewellyn filmed herself showing off her pearly whites as she wore an oversized purple jumper, which aptly had a smiley face on it.

She wrote: "So, so happy. You're the best @smiles_by_gurms."

The blonde beauty also showed fans a close-up photo of her teeth before adding another smiley snap to her story.

The clinic also took to their Instagram story to reveal that as well as Invisalign, Apollonia had had eight teeth cosmetic bonding, as they wrote: "Perfect new smile @apolloniallewellyn."

Apollonia's new work comes shortly after she celebrated turning 22 last week.

The bombshell again took to Instagram to share a completely naked snap as she marked her big day.

She was seen posing in her birthday suit as she lay on a bed while on a trip in Barcelona.

Apollonia managed to keep her modesty intact though with clever body and sheet placement.

Her 399,000 followers understandably went wild for the post, as it racked up more than 20,000 likes.

One exclaimed: "OMG wow beautiful."

As another added: "Happy birthday my girl."

A third chimed in: "Best birthday suit we ever did see."

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