People reveal the ways they wasted money when they were younger

What do YOU regret wasting money on when you were younger? People reveal the things they wished they hadn’t bought – including Harry Potter cards, decorative swords and fancy restaurants

  • Anonymous British man asked Reddit users for things they regret spending on
  • 20-year-old admitted he struggles to make lavish purchases for himself
  • Responses included card games such as Pokémon and the latest gadgets

People have revealed the things they regret spending their money on – from Harry Potter cards to decorative swords.  

Posting anonymously on Reddit, people who live in the UK, have revealed the things they splurged money on when they were younger but now wouldn’t dream of spending on, from round-the-world holidays to coveting the latest version of electronic gadgets. 

The thread began after a 20-year-old man admitted he struggles with the idea of spending large sums on frivolous living. 

People from across the UK have taken to Reddit to reveal the way they wasted money when they were younger (file image) 

Posting on Reddit, a 20-year-old man began the discussion by admitting he struggles to spend large sums 

The man began the thought-provoking discussion, saying: ‘I’ve heard about people who wasted thousands of pounds per month in their youth, but as a stingy [20-year-old man], I struggle to imagine lavishing that much (unless you earned enough that a few grand was insignificant). For those who have experienced this, what did you waste it on?’ 

A flood of responses to the thread came from people admitting they splurged thousands on hobbies they no longer pursue.

One person wrote: ‘Make up. I never wore make up as a teenager but there was a time in my 20s when I was watching a lot of YouTube and got into it for a while.  

A flood of responses to the thread admitted they regret spending money on hobbies they no longer pursue 

‘I spent probably upwards of £500 (a lot of money to me, at the time) on make up in less than a year, then the interest fizzled out and I ended up giving most of it away. I haven’t worn make up in five years.’ 

Another said: ‘I got a decent inheritance when I was 18, I was actually sensible with it, got a fully paid off house now etc, but I did start a fantasy sword collection, they weren’t cheap and are now collecting dust in my parents lofts with no way to sell them.’ 

Others told how they had splashed the cash on their lifestyle, with one saying: ‘After I graduated, I bought a round-the-world ticket and backpacked solo for a year in 15 different countries. 

Others responses to the thread revealed they spent large sums on their lifestyle throughout their youth – and some are still paying for the expenses 

‘I did everything I’d always wanted to do -skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, sailing, climbing mountains, kayaking, swimming with whales and dolphins, sand-driving, partying on beaches, trekking with elephants etc. Completely emptied my bank account and came back to the UK penniless. ‘ 

‘Drugs, used to buy all sorts on Silk Road. If I saved the Bitcoin I spent back then it would be worth 22 million today,’ another wrote.

A third added: ‘Waste it on beer, probably about £35 a week in the pub. I could do it without the outlay but I’m still enjoying it for the time being and the second job helps cover it (that and when I’m working the bar, I’m usually not drinking anyway).’ 

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