Pet Food Feeders That’ll Dish Out Dinner When You Aren’t Home

Your ability to go on day trips or stay overnight somewhere might depend on your pet. Think about how many times you’ve said “we have to go, because we have to feed the dog.” Fido and Fluffy are on a strict feeding schedule—or maybe you’re lucky and have animals that snack throughout the day. Regardless, someone needs to be there to fill up the bowl when it gets low, or for specific meals. Luckily, there are manual and electronic feeders that can feed your dog or cat for you.

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We rounded up the best pet food feeders. We picked two gravity-based options, which only fill up when your pet has finished the food that was sitting in the bowl. It’s low-maintenance and effective. You don’t need to wonder whether you turned on the feeder before leaving. It’s all ready to go. We also picked an electronic option, for greedy dogs and cats who can barely wait for you to set the bowl down before eating. With this pick, you’re able to set four timed feedings and even record your own voice calling your pet to dinner. See which one is right for you below.

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1. Petmate Pet Café Feeder

Meant for both cats and dogs, this gravity only dispenses food when pets have eaten some of the food already in the bowl. This might not work for pets who tend to overeat, but it will work for pets who lightly snack during the day. The dispenser holds a total of 6 lbs. of food. It also has a snap top, so no curious cats can break into it.

2. Roffie Dog Food Dispenser for Small Pets

You can program this timed feeder to dole out meals four times a day. You can even customize the portion sizes for your pooch or cat, ranging from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups. If you want your pet to associate you with their feeding time, you can record a 10-second-long message telling them it’s dinner time. This dispenser can hold up to a total of 29 cups in the hooper, so you won’t have to refill it regularly. The only caveat is that this feeder only dispenses food pieces that are between .02 in. and .06 in. in size.

3. PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Food Station

Available in two different sizes, this gravity dispenser releases food into your pet’s bowl after they’ve eaten what’s already there. It has a locking mechanism to prevent spills if your pet decides to knock it over. You can pour in up to 4 lbs. of pet food into this smartly designed dispenser. It’s BPA-free, and the stainless steel bowl is dishwasher-safe. PetSafe also makes a water dispenser.


4. Amazon Basics Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispensers

If you’re not looking for anything fancy, then this basic pet feeder will do the job you need. You can buy a food and water combo too, so you don’t have to worry about filling their bowl or water as often.

5. PETKIT Automatic Cat Puppy Feeder

Yes, you really can fill up your pet’s food bowl while you’re sitting on the couch in another room. This high-tech pet bowl is app controlled, so you don’t have to get up at dinnertime. The weight sensor lets you know when it’s getting low, and it even boasts energy backup with a battery.

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