Prince Harry 'Didn't Look Happy' at Trooping the Colour: Why He May Be 'Suffering'

Trooping the Colour was a grand celebration of the Queen’s birthday, but Prince Harry didn’t appear to be all that happy as he rode in a carriage and later stood on the balcony. This departure from the prince’s typical grin leads one royal expert to conclude that he’s “suffering.” Was Prince Harry in a bad mood at the event or just a sleep-deprived new dad?

Why Prince Harry looked unhappy at Trooping the Colour

Royal fans were scoping out all the details at Trooping the Colour, including Prince Louis wearing the same outfit that Prince Harry and Prince Wiliam once wore, but there was also some concern over Harry’s glum expression.

Daily Mirror royal expert Russell Myers has some theories about why Prince Harry wasn’t flashing his signature smile that day, explaining on ITV’s Lorraine that he might be “suffering” from a lack of sleep since the birth of his son, Archie Harrison.

Myers noted: “Poor Harry, he wasn’t looking too happy. Ithink lack of sleep I imagine. Doria has gone now, Meghan’s mum, she has goneback to the US.”

He added: “They still haven’t found a nanny so poor Harry,he’s suffering from lack of sleep. But, we do know he is being quite hands on.”

Prince Harry’s body language indicate the issue

Body language expert Judi James believes that Prince Harrywas not in a good mood during the event, sharing: “Harry was wearing the blankbut slightly wary expression he’s been seen doing a lot of recently.”

James added: “Harry’s default facial expression always used to be a rather naughty-looking grin and it seemed to take an effort to compose it into a more serious look for state occasions.

“These days though, the responsibilities of fatherhood andall the rumoured rifts with his brother do seem to have left him with whatlooks like almost the opposite problem,” she shared.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stood far from Prince William and Kate Middleton on the balcony

The Trooping the Colour event included a parade to Buckingham Palace where the royal family stood to watch the Red Arrows fly overhead.

Fans couldn’t help but notice that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were situated quite a distance from Prince William and Kate Middleton on the balcony at the event.

Naturally, there were theories about that as well, as many wondered if all of the rumors of feuding among the couples was the reason. Did they have to be separated for any particular reason?

Middleton and Prince William stood at the front of the balcony, while Markle and Prince Harry appeared to be shoved a bit to the back.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine, explained toPEOPLE why they were positioned in this way, sharing: “She (Meghan) was not asprominent perhaps as some people might have expected, but there’s a peckingorder. There was no slight intended, but William being the older, more seniorbrother would go out [first] with his wife.”

It’s believed that Prince William gets a more prominent spot at events because he’s second in line to the throne.

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