Prince Philip as you've never seen him before in colourised images

Prince Philip in all his vibrant glory: Newly colourised photographs of the Duke of Edinburgh playing cricket, with his family and in the cockpit of an aircraft are released

  • The newly colourised photographs of Duke of Edinburgh, who died last week, date between 1935 and 1970
  • Several show Prince Philip in his downtime; one reveals him taking part in impromptu bicycle polo match
  • Others reveal him posing proudly in his military uniforms while another shows the Duke flying an aircraft 

Newly colourised photographs showing Prince Philip playing cricket, performing in a school play and spending quality time with his family have been released to celebrate his life, following his death last week aged 99.

The touching photographs, which have been edited by press agency MediaDrumWorld, date between 1935 and 1970; in one the Duke of Edinburgh is seen sitting proudly in his uniform of Marshall for the Royal Air Force in 1953, to which he was promoted after his long-standing 14-year service.

Another picture shows Prince Philip with his devoted wife, Queen Elizabeth II, and their two eldest children Prince Charles and Princess Anne in 1955 with The Shah of Persia and his wife, Queen Soraya. The Shah and Queen Soraya were luncheon guests on a private visit to the United Kingdom and visited the Royal family at Buckingham Palace.

And one captures the moment the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II left Clarence House for the last time, before she took up residence in Buckingham Palace as the new Queen of England in 1952.

Several images show Prince Philip in his downtime; one reveals him taking part in an impromptu bicycle polo match on the polo pitch at Windsor Castle in 1967, demonstrating his fun and spontaneous side.  

Buckingham Palace released a statement announcing the Duke’s death on April 9 – two months before his 100th birthday. He died peacefully in his sleep at Windsor Castle, and his legacy is one that will be commemorated across the world. 

A sandy-haired Prince Philip with a chipped front tooth, pictured in 1935 in costume for a production of Macbeth at Gordonstoun School in Moray, Scotland. The Duke spent five years at the boarding school after arriving aged 13 in September 1934 (pictured left, the original image, and right, the blonde royal in colour)

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The young Duke of Edinburgh, aged around 14 in 1935, dressed in costume for his role in his school’s production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth (pictured left, the original image, and right, Prince Philip’s light hair and tanned skin can be seen in the colourised image) 

Prince Philip pictured in 1946. In the summer of this year, the Duke asked King George VI for his daughter Princess Elizabeth’s hand in marriage (left, the original image, and right, the colourised image brings the portrait to life) 

Prince Philip as the Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten in 1947. In 1945, Philip was transferred to the destroyer HMS Whelp, supporting air raids on Japanese shore installations. He was involved in the rescue of British air crew shot down by Japanese fighters, and witnessed the surrender of the Japanese forces in Tokyo Bay (left, the original, and right, the colourised picture) 

Newly colourised images bring new life to this portrait of newlyweds Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II in 1947, pictured enjoying a stroll during their honeymoon in Broadlands estate, Hampshire in their first public appearance after their wedding

Meanwhile royal fans will gain a new perspective of this colourised image of the Duke of Edinburgh saluting as he travels through Edinburgh in 1948 – the same year Philip became a father when Elizabeth gave birth to their first child – a son and future king, Prince Charles

Prince Philip aboard the motor boat which took him to join the ship HMS Chequers, a destroyer based in Malta, in 1949. When Philip landed his role on HMS Chequers, he and Elizabeth enjoyed happy carefree times as newlyweds (left, before, and right, after)

The Duke of Edinburgh dances with his wife, Princess Elizabeth, who is out of shot, at a barn dance held in their honour in Ottawa, by Governor General Viscount Alexander, Oct. 17, 1951. The dance was one of the events arranged during their Canadian tour (pictured left, the original black and white image, and right, the royal’s dark denim jeans and checked shirt can be seen in the newly colourised image) 

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip pictured leaving Clarence House for the final time on their way to Buckingham Palace, as she relocates as the new Queen of England in 1952

Prince Philip proudly wearing the blue uniform of Marshall of the Royal Air Force, posing for an official photograph in 1953 (pictured, left, the black-and-white image, and right, the Duke’s uniform can be seen in all its glory) 

Keen polo player Philip in action trying to score for the Cowdray Park team in 1953 – the year of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, at which point the venue was the centre of English polo. When the Duke of Edinburgh, with John Cowdray’s help and advice, formed his own polo club, the Household Brigade Club (later to become Guards), in Windsor Great Park, the Coronation Cup was given a new home at Windsor

A keen sportsman, Prince Philip is pictured here in his cricket whites at Arundel Castle in 1953 (left, the original, and right, newly colourised) He captained a team in a charity match, but they were defeated by the Duke of Norfolk’s. The match was for the benefit of the National Playing Fields Association

Prince Philip, left, pitured with a young Prince Charles, Princess Anne and his wife Queen Elizabeth II, along with the Shah of Persia and his wife, Queen Soraya, in 1955. The Shah and Queen Soraya were luncheon guests on a private visit to the UK and visited the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace

The Duke of Edinburgh pictured flying an aircraft in 1956. Prince Philip was a keen flyer and completed over 5,000 hours of flying in his lifetime. He gained his RAF wings in 1953, his helicopter wings in 1956 and his private pilot’s license in 1959. He became the first royal to fly out of Buckingham Palace in a helicopter

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II with their eldest children Prince Charles and Princess Anne after the announcement of the Queen’s pregnancy with Prince Andrew in 1959 (left, the original, and right, the family’s tartan can be seen in full colour in the newly colourised snap)

Prince Philip pictured at an impromptu bicycle polo match at Windsor Castle in 1967. Philip’s passion for polo was instilled in him by his uncle, Earl Mountbatten of Burma. As well as his early polo-playing days in Malta, Philip reached the finals of the prestigious Hurlingham Open in Argentina in 1966

Prince Philip and Prince Charles in 1966 attending the society wedding of the Marquess of Hamilton at Westminster Abbey – at which Prince Andrew was a page boy (left, the original, and right, the Duke and Prince Charles in the colourised photo)

An off-duty Duke of Edinburgh pictured eating an apple and enjoying liquid refreshments on the banks of the River Dee in Cheshire in 1970

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