Prince Philip’s adorable nickname for the Queen and the sweet meaning behind it

Today marks 74 years since the Queen and Prince Philip tied the knot at Westminster Abbey in 1952.

Prince Philip sadly passed away at the age of 99 in April, but Her Majesty will be showered with love from the Royal Family on this difficult day.

While the Duke of Edinburgh isn’t here to celebrate the occasion, we’ve unearthed sweet stories of the couple from happier times.

Their fairytale marriage was made even sweeter by the adorable nicknames they called each other.

Sweetest of the bunch is ‘Cabbage’ – Philip’s loving moniker for his beloved wife. But what on earth does it mean?


A scene in the 2006 film The Queen , starring Helen Mirren, Philip tells his wife to “move over, cabbage” as he gets into bed.

According to the Queen’s biographer, it’s what the Duke liked to call the Queen.

Royal fans have speculated that the pet name was inspired by ‘mon petit chou’, a French way of saying ‘my darling.

In English, the phrase translates literally to ‘my little cabbage’ – how cute!

It may also be translated to ‘my little pastry puff’.


Philip was also known to call his beloved wife ‘sausage’ – not the most flattering term of endearment!

A source told The Sun that nicknames were part of the couple’s childlike qualities.

“[The family] love to play games and they give each other silly presents. I think it’s because they have to be so earnest in their public lives.

“It’s done with affection and there are grains of truth about what one feels about another.”

Philip may have had the sweetest monikers for his bride, but the Queen has many more nicknames from her family.


Adorable Prince George calls Her Majesty ‘Gan-Gan’. He follows in the footsteps of generations of British royals who’ve done the same for their great-grandmas, according to PopSugar.


And as a child, the then Princess Elizabeth was affectionately named ‘Lilibet’ – it mimicked the fact that she couldn’t pronounce her own name in her early years.

Prince Harry and Meghan have since named their own baby girl Lilibet Diana, in honour of the Queen and the late Princess Diana.

But Prince William wins the prize for giving his granny the funniest nickname.


As a little boy, he had trouble saying ‘Granny’, which led to him to call the Queen ‘Gary’, the Daily Mail reported.

And at an event, Her Majesty was overheard saying “I’m Gary, he [William] hasn’t learned to say Granny yet,” the paper claimed.

Our Queen is such a good sport!

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