Princess Anne’s body language suggests she is ‘cautious’ with Zara Tindall

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Princess Anne is the mother of two children, Peter Phillips, 42, and Zara Tindall, 39. Despite being the grandchildren of the Queen, they were not given royal titles when they were born.

This has meant that, instead of working as senior royals, Zara has stayed out of the public eye.

She has enjoyed a career as an equestrian and Olympian.

However, Zara will sometimes step out with her mother at racing events.

On these occasions, the royals have shown their shared interests in horse-riding.

Speaking to, body language expert Darren Stanton revealed what else their outings could mean.

He suggested Princess Anne may appear slightly wary with her daughter.

The expert said: “In one really interesting picture Princess Anne is not making eye contact with Zara.

“Her position is very rigid and stoic. I do not feel there is a great deal of rapport happening here.”

Darren commented that the royals appeared slightly distracted while together.

“If you look at Princess Anne and Zara’s feet positions, it is quite telling,” he added.

“It shows that Anne wants to disengage and go in the other direction.”

While they may look slightly reserved, this could be due to the public nature of their meeting.

The Princess Royal may be conscious of being watched at the public event with her daughter, the expert claimed.

He said: “She may be aware that the press are watching and therefore very cautious of the gestures and behaviour she gives off.”

Despite some cautious body language, the royals appear to have a genuinely close relationship.

They have shown signs of happiness when in each other’s company, Darren continued.

The expert commented: “One picture shows Princess Anne flashing a genuine smile.

“The emotion that the human face demonstrates most of all is a smile. We smile from when we are anxious to when we are embarrassed.

“But in this picture, the whole face is engaged and clearly the two are enjoying the moment.”

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