Queen portrait slammed as people excuse the artist of committing treason

With hopes of our art hanging in the national gallery shattered and having to accept that our masterpiece will only grace the walls of our parents house – most of us dropped art in school.

However, one budding artist decided to take on the difficult task of trying to paint the Queen.

And now the artist has been mocked on Reddit for their questionable attempt.

The Queen is a national treasure to most, with her many years of being head of the monarchy being respected by the masses.

In light of this, one creative attempted to replicate the Her Majesty's beauty, but does not quite hit the mark.

Taking to Reddit to share the portrait, the original poster titled the portrait: “I found that portrait a Redditor drew of the queen.”

On the left hand side, is a photo of the Queen looking elegant in an emerald green dress donning a pearl necklace and earrings to match.

While her hair is neatly permed and her lips are painted a sophisticated red.

However on the right side of the image, the artist’s interpretation does not quite match the Queen’s classic look.

Instead of elegant, the Queen is depicted as something a little more frightening to how she usually looks.

Hilariously, the painting of the Queen sees her majesty with a red oval for a mouth and four white dots for teeth.

Adding to the unusual take on the royal figure, the artist has drawn the Queen with wide apart uneven eyes and villainous eyebrows.

But at least they remembered to add the pearl jewellery!

Having been tickled by the drawing of our current reigning monarch, people fled to the comments to have their say on the questionable portrait.

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One person commented: “This one made me properly laugh.”

Another user added: “Surely that has to be treason.”

While another joked: “Massive fail. They've forgotten her broach.”

Someone else suggested: “I wish that was the one used on currency.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user expressed: “My art skills are horrendous and even I could've done better.”

We wonder what the Queen would think of this!

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