Rise of happy funerals with magicians, leopard print coffins & bright clothes

A growing number of people are opting for 'happy funerals' where they see the occasion as a 'celebration of life' with cheerful music.

Funerals are usually seen as a sombre gathering, where people gather to mourn the recently departed. But over the past few years, Brits have been having 'happy funerals' that focus on a more uplifting tone.

Some of the biggest changes including ditching the all-black dress code and going for brightly coloured outfits, the Mirror reports.

This shift in attitude is visible in Co-op Funeralcare's 2019 list of most requested funeral songs. While funeral classics like Frank Sinatra – My Way and Robbie Williams – Angels, but some of the music choices are definitely odd.

The 10th most popular funeral song choice was actually Monty Python’s comical ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ – it really doesn’t get chirpier than that.

Another report by Co-op Funeralcare found that 74 per cent of their funeral directors had requests for personalised, unique floral tributes within a service, and 64 per cent were asked to arrange personalised coffins.

And it seems it's go bold or go home, as some people have requested rainbow and even leopard print coffins.

Us Brits want to go out in style, that’s for sure.

It seems like it’s time to ditch the dull, black garments too, and bring in a little bit of pizzazz to our mourning.

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The Mirror spoke to Sarah Jones of Full Circle Funerals who says she’s seen a big rise in happy funerals and even a bit of fancy dress.

She said: “We have supported families who have chosen to have live music performances and dancing, invited people to attend in fancy dress and where guests have been invited to share a joke and enjoy a performance by a magician.

“The possibilities are endless and it is a real privilege to help people create a funeral that really reflects the personality and values of the person who has died.”

Rightfully so, there are many mourners who still like to stick to a traditional funeral, and not everybody wants to wear neon clothes and pull a rabbit out of a top hat.

Sarah added: “We encourage people to think about the tone of the funeral that they are creating. Some people would prefer it to be relatively serious and understated whereas others really want to create an uplifting, energetic and more celebratory event.

“Deciding the tone of the funeral that feels right is an important part of the arrangement process. People have strong views about whether a celebration is appropriate, or doesn’t feel right.

"It is not unusual for some parts of the funeral to be reflective (like time at the crematorium) and other parts to be more “up-beat” (for example, at the refreshments afterwards).”

Following the rise of happy funerals, if you really want to ‘go out with a bang’, some people are choosing 'cremation fireworks' which contain an amount of your loved one's ashes so that you can send them off in style.

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From ashes rockets to different tailored packages, there are plenty of options for one final colourful goodbye.

In a testimonial for Dynamic Fireworks, one customer said: “I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Heavenly Stars Fireworks.

"We said goodbye my partner in true style, his children thought it was the best send off. Something we will always remember for the rest of our lives.”

It’s safe to say that the celebration of life has gained popularity across the country, with magicians, live music performances, fireworks and the unforgettable Monty Python, whatever will it be next?

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