Rumors Of A Katy Perry & Taylor Swift Collab Are Spreading, All Thanks To A Plate Of Cookies

You’ve heard of extending an olive branch, but what about extending a plate of chocolate chip cookies? Well, one of the most famed pop feuds is really over since Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s peace-making Instagram post made it clear that the two are now on good terms, and it’s all thanks to a plate of cookies. According to an Instagram post shared by Perry on Tuesday, June 11, the chocolate chip cookies baked by the "ME!" singer came on a plate with the words, "Peace at last" written in what appears to be some kind of frosting.

This isn’t the first time that these former rivals have gifted something to one another (like in May 2018 when Perry literally gave Swift an olive branch). But with Perry returning to the music scene with her song, "Never Really Over," and Swift’s upcoming album release, fans on Twitter are convinced that a Perry-Swift collaboration is in the making.

Some entertainment feuds, like that of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, will seemingly live on forever. But in the case of Perry and Swift, the singers appear to not only want their public squabble to come to an end, but they want to be actual friends. The proof is in Perry’s Instagram post of the cookies that Swift presumably baked and sent her. Besides the peaceful message on the plate, complete with sprinkled peace signs that seem to channel the "Never Really Over" music video, Perry labeled the location as "Let’s Be Friends." She captioned the photo, "Feels good," with a heart emoji and tagged Swift. In the comments, the "ME!" singer replied with a series of heart emojis. And friendship, just like those delicious-looking cookies, is pretty hard to resist after a move like that.

The conflict between Perry and Swift reportedly started in 2013 when three backup dancers left Swift’s Red tour to work with Perry. As Swift told Rolling Stone, she wrote 2014’s "Bad Blood" in response after she perceived this as a way to sabotage her tour. Perry seemed to respond in kind with 2017’s "Swish Swish," but that same year, the "Firework" singer also noted that she was ready to let the feud go.

Now that the bad blood is behind them, people have already started theorizing that this mended friendship could lead to a duet of epic proportions. Rumors of a Perry-Swift collaboration actually began in February, due to their shared palm tree and flamingo imagery on social media. But the chocolate chip cookies have only added fuel to the fire, and fans are excited by this pop-music prospect.

People are really entering detective mode (as they should when it comes to Swift and her Easter eggs) by looking for any potential clues about a collaboration since nothing has been confirmed. One particularly notable clue is that every part of their message — the letter count in "Let’s be friends," the number of hearts Swift commented — has a connection to the number 13. As theorized by Alex Goldschmidt (@alexandergold), this could mean that a Perry-Swift song could be dropping as soon as June 13.

Could this all be a mere coincidence? Sure, but a collaboration does seem more likely. But regardless of whether we get new music from these artists or not, their fandoms can celebrate that the peace between them is chocolate chip cookie-approved.

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