Shop owner is accused of selling 'pure tat' by viewers of This Morning

Man who runs ‘Britain’s cheapest shop’ selling everything from cards to out of date chocolate for 20p says customers have managed to pick up gold jewellery to sell for a profit (but This Morning viewers aren’t impressed)

  • Stuart has been running The 20p Shop in Otley, West Yorkshire, for five years
  • Told This Morning viewers, shop provides cheap prices amid rising cost of living
  • Social media users mocked the products on sale saying ‘the shop is pure tat’

A man who claims to run the cheapest shop in Britain left viewers of ITV’s This Morning unimpressed with his range of budget products.

Stuart, who has been running The 20p Shop in Otley, West Yorkshire, for five years alongside his family members, explained that the shop aims to provide something ‘cheap and cheerful’ amid the rising cost of living.

The entrepreneur claimed they are able to keep the costs of their goods low by buying in bulk and admitted that he’s ‘perfectly ok’ with people reselling their purchases, having had one customer previously buy a ring that they didn’t know was worth £120.

But the segment left viewers unimpressed with some taking to social media to accuse Stuart of selling ‘tat’, while others noticed that no customers went into the shop during the live broadcast.

Goods on sale include packets of noodles and bars of chocolate that are just past their best before date  

Stuart told presenters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield that his family had a market stall before renting the shop premises.

Stuart said: ‘We started the idea on the market stall, selling items for 20p each and it flew out. After that we thought, “Well why not get a shop?” as in winter time working on a market isn’t the greatest.

‘We brought it indoors and five years later we’re still here.

‘We get stock from all over and buy quite in bulk to keep the cost down to around 10-20p each. Bits and pieces.

‘We try our best to help the local community. That was the main aim behind the shop. Not everything needs to cost a fortune in the current state of the world with everything going up, cost of living go up and everything like that.

‘We thought, why not make something cheap and cheerful for everyone?

Stuart (pictured), who has been running The 20p Shop in Otley, West Yorkshire, for five years, left viewers of This Morning unimpressed with his product range

Stuart said the family buy ‘bits and pieces’ in bulk to be able to keep their prices between 10 to 20p and help the local community. It stocks everything from books to household goods 

Bric a brace on the shelves – and it could be valuabStuart claimed that the family doesn’t have any issues with customers reselling their purchases to make a profit

‘Like every other small business at the moment we struggle, but we’re doing our best to stay afloat and doing our best to help everyone out on the way round.’

Stuart claimed press coverage of the family business has turned the shop into a ‘phenomenon’ with one customer travelling from as far as 120 miles to visit.

Having previously stocked bikes and jewellery worth more than 20p, he claimed that he doesn’t mind people reselling their purchases for a profit.

Stuart said: ‘If it can help someone out and help the normal person in life to go earn a few quit then why not. It’s here to help people and we’re not here to make millions of pounds.

Stuart said one customer was able to resell a gold ring for £120 at a local jeweller across the road from his shop 

Stuart said his family’s shop struggles like all small businesses but they are doing their best to stay afloat. Pictured: A box of hand sanitiser on sale 

Stuart told Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that they could buy books, home decorations and greetings cards all for the cost of £1 in total 

‘We do have a bit of costume jewellery in the shop. One lucky customer came in, bought a ring. Unknowingly it was a golden ring worth £120.

‘The same day, they went across the road and sold it to local jeweler.’

Stuart revealed Philip could buy a cook book, crockery, a decorative sign, pasta and a chocolate bar for £1 in his shop.

He told Holly she could get two books, greetings cards and a chocolate bar for the same price.

Stuart told Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby (pictured left) that his family aren’t aiming to make millions of pounds from their business 

Despite the range of products on offer, viewers took to Twitter to criticize the items on sale in the budget retailer. 

One person wrote: ‘The shop is pure tat, reminds me of hypervalue shops #ThisMorning’

Another said: ‘It’s cheap… it’s crass… and it ain’t worth the travel fees #ThisMorning’ 

‘F******* of tat in that shop. Looks like a cross between a down-market Sue Ryder combined with a fire sale #ThisMorning,’ a third commented.

A fourth added: ‘People walking past don’t look impressed’

A flood of viewers took to Twitter accusing Stuart of selling ‘pure tat’ and noticed that no customers entered the shop during the live broadcast 

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