Sussexes invite ridicule talking about things they know nothing about, expert says

Meghan and Harry have “no authority” urging world leaders to send COVID-19 vaccines to low-income countries and risk “ridicule”, a royal expert says.

According to commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s latest plea in support of ensuring more people have access to vaccines will do little to help distribution efforts.

Speaking to, he said: “I couldn't for the life of me figure out under what capacity Meghan and Harry are giving advice about vaccinations to world leaders.”

Using their positions as former senior members of the Royal Family, the couple signed a letter ahead of the G20 summit to highlight that “promises” made by global leaders weren’t “translating into vaccines reaching the people that need them”.

This isn’t the first time that the Sussexes have spoken about the importance of vaccine equity. At Global Citizen Live last month, they both delivered a speech encouraging wealthy countries to help those with lower incomes.

But Sarcerdoti has criticised the pair for speaking on a matter that they are not qualified to speak about.

“With Meghan and Harry, we're talking about somebody that used to open boxes on Deal or No Deal and to appear in a legal soap opera, and somebody who was born into the British Royal Family and achieved I don't think very stellar results in his science education as a schoolboy,” he added.

Rather than spurring on genuine change, the commentator warned their campaign may put their reputation at risk.

“I don't see how those two people in particular making the case is actually going to do anything other than invite ridicule towards them,” said Sacerdoti.

“I don't think it's going to progress that cause any further than it would have been progressed just by the WHO and other more convincing world leaders who have authority on this matter. They have no authority on this matter.”

Despite slamming Meghan and Harry, Sacerdoti did acknowledge that encouraging vaccine equity was something that many people would agree with, particularly as only three percent of the population in low-income countries have been vaccinated.

“I think the idea of getting as much of the world vaccinated against COVID-19 as possible is, of course, an admirable one.

“And I think standing up for those in countries where they haven't got a successful vaccination plan as we do here in the UK or in other developed countries is of course a worthy cause and a valuable effort to make.”

But with COP26 underway and with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attending alongside Prince Charles and Camilla, The Spectator contributor noted that the climate change conference is an aspect of royal life that Meghan and Harry would have enjoyed.

“I think that Meghan and Harry would have felt very much left out and that's probably one of the moments when they would most have missed the side of royal duties that comes with being a working Royal.”

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