Tesco Christmas delivery slots go live TOMORROW – how to book

TESCO opens its coveted festive delivery slots at 6am tomorrow – but they won’t be available to everyone.

The UK’s biggest supermarket has an exclusive subscription service for loyal delivery customers, offering members an entire week of “presale” access to festive slots.

Tesco’s Delivery Saver plan will set you back £7.99 a month.

Members get free delivery and collection on grocery spends above £40 or £25 if you Click+Collect from the supermarket.

Subscribers can also book delivery slots  four weeks in advance and collect Clubcard points on their membership on top of their groceries.

The biggest plus, though, is priority access to prime-time delivery slots at Christmas and Easter.

While most of us will have to wait till 6am on November 23, Delivery Saver customers can book their Christmas food delivery slot from 6am tomorrow (November 16).

That means guaranteed delivery access to a brilliant but baffling Christmas food menu including gingerbread latte cream liqueur, cherry and chestnut stuffing and Speculoos profiterole gateau.

If you don’t meet Tesco’s minimum spend, a basket charge of at least £4 will apply.

But if there are substitutions or products are unavailable, the fee is suspended. 

Delivery slots for the days leading up to December 25 are also becoming available at other major UK supermarkets.

Morrisons are offering delivery slots to all customers on or before December 19, but Delivery Pass holders will be able to book a week early for the busy December 20-24 window.

It’s not yet known when Delivery Pass holders will be able to book for their Christmas shopping, though.

Meanwhile Asda’s delivery slots opened well over two weeks ago, on October 28. 

But there’s bad news: all its slots from December 22 to 24 have now been snapped up. Boxing Day is also sold out for delivery customers.

Ocado allowed customers to book for Christmas earlier the same month, but shoppers were furious when its slots were all snapped up in minutes.

M&S is now offering in-store collection from December 22-24, but no delivery option.

And Sainsbury’s is set to release festive booking slots on November 23 for delivery pass holders, with the rest of its shoppers having to wait till November 30.


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