The 9 best moss bowls to buy for Zen indoor gardening in 2021

THE Japanese have cultivated mosses for centuries as part of their gardening tradition.

Perhaps it’s because mosses have existed since prehistoric times, but they have an amazing ability to create a timeless Zen-like feeling, whether grown outdoors in a moss garden or brought inside and displayed in a rustic dish planter or moss bowl.

Because mosses thrive in moist shady places, they are prolific in the UK – we have over 600 species, many of which are endangered.

In our gardens and outdoor spaces, you’ll often find mosses growing naturally on wood piles, in the branches of trees or shrubs, in compost heaps or even on hard surfaces that are damp, such as brick paving – you can even encourage new mosses to grow in spots like this by painting surfaces with plain yogurt.

Living or preserved mosses displayed in a rustic bowl make an unusual and eco-friendly table centrepiece – you can add candles, stones and sculptures to add to add interest or create a lush carpet of different textures with different varieties of mosses.

If you get the bowl gardening bug, there are plenty of inspiring books on the subject to help you master the art.

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