The Aquaman Way: Heres How Jason Momoa Spends His $25 Million Fortune

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa grew up in an artistic home as his mother was a photographer while his father was a painter. He began modeling and receiving small contracts at just 19 years of age. Jason Momoa was cast in minor appearances in television shows and movies and was almost broke when he landed the role of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. His performance in the series garnered worldwide acclaim and made him a global superstar with the HBO hit. He worked in a series of significant production movies and was cast to play Aquaman in the DC Universe.

Over the last decade, his career has continued to rise steadily and has helped him earn a $25 million net worth. The actor is known for his outdoorsy persona and adventure sports that have helped him get the reputation of a rugged movie star. From fishing with his family to attending the best concerts in the world, let’s look at how Jason Momoa spends his $25 million net worth.

8 Workout Routines

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Jason Momoa is one of the most in-shape actors in Hollywood, and many of his film roles have demanding physical roles. To stay in peak physical condition for his stunts, he has planned a series of workout routines. According to Men’s Health, he practices the Accelerated Results 7 (AR7) routine, which includes high-intensity workouts using low weights and low reps. He also indulges in rock climbing, yoga, and bodyweight exercises as a hobby and something to do in his free time.

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7 Photography

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As the actor’s mother is a photographer, Jason Momoa has grown up loving the camera. He has a stunning collection of vintage cameras from Leica. He owns the 1958 M2 camera, which was auctioned off for $500,000. Additionally, he also has a 1930 73mm lens camera that is valued at $2,328. Known for his love of cameras, Leica took notice of his collection and even collaborated with the star to increase notoriety with a newer audience.

6 Bike Collection

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Along with packing some rugged off-road SUVs in his collection, Jason Momoa is an avid bike lover with several branded bikes in his garage. He has owned several bikes for many years, and the list includes a 1956 Panhead, a custom Vallkree Drifter Electric Motorbike, a modified Harley-Davidson Road King, and a 2020 Livewire. In October 2022, he added three other bikes: a 1939 Harley-Davidson EL, a 1941 Harley-Davidson EL, and a 1939 Harley-Davidson UL, as noted by Auto Evolution. Each of the three bikes was custom-designed in collaboration with Wisco Speed Shop.

5 Fishing

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While Jason Momoa uses rock climbing and yoga as hobbies to keep himself in shape, he opts for fishing when he wants to relax on a sunny weekend. In October 2022, the actor shared snippets from his recent fishing trips with his friends. He also told people to avoid single-use plastic bottles, sharing a video of himself grabbing traditional Hawaiian fish. The internet was set ablaze with the photos as he was seen wearing nothing but a loin cloth to cover himself.

4 Environment Conservation

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Staying close to his roots, Jason Momoa always strives to do his bit for ocean conservation and saving the environment. In 2022, he was named the Advocate for Life Below Water at the UN Environment Program in Lisbon. The actor has worked with non-profits such as rePurpose Global and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. As mentioned by Yahoo Finance, in May 2022, he celebrated Earth Week while encouraging audiences to use sustainable products. His product endorsements resulted in 2 million engagements and reached over 60 million users on Instagram.

3 Real Estate

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Jason Momoa owns a $3.5 million home in Los Angeles that he shares with his ex-wife Lisa Bonnet. The actor was often seen posting videos of himself in the living room or traditional kitchen of the home. Since the split, Momoa has lived in a $750,000 campervan Ford RV. He once used the vehicle as his temporary accommodation on film sets but has since used it to park near his friend’s house. He was even seen arriving at the Aquaman premiere in the same campervan.

2 Concerts

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Music has deeply influenced Jason Momoa’s childhood, and he has passed down the same love to his children. The actor is often seen attending concerts of world-famous pop stars and bands every few months. In July 2022, he took his daughter to a Rolling Stones concert, as stated by Page Six. Momoa also attended the last show of the 1980s hit metal rock band Slayer. More recently, he took his children to a Billie Eilish concert with tickets that averaged $294.

1 Working Tools


With his hardcore approach toward life, Jason Momoa is not afraid to get his hands dirty and even indulges in grunt work, including making furniture and fixing hardware. The actor also loves axes, as he has been a trained axe thrower for many years. Several videos on Instagram show him practicing his technique in outdoor spaces and exceptional facilities.

Jason Momoa is one of the toughest actors in Hollywood, and while he loves to spend his millions on getting the physique and riding motorcycles, he loves to share his hobbies with his children and lets his hair down when attending concerts. The actor will next be seen starring in the AppleTV+ series Chief of War.

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