The Challenge: Jodi Reveals Why She Returned For All Stars After 15 Years Away From The Show

Despite thinking she would never return for another season of ‘The Challenge,’ Jodi Weatherton is making her comeback on season 2 of ‘All-Stars.’ She dished to HL about the decision, what she did to prepare and more.

Jodi Weatherton has not appeared on The Challenge since she won The Duel in 2006. Now, 15 years later, she’s shocking even herself by returning for The Challenge: All Stars 2, which premieres on Nov. 11. “I never thought I would come back, honestly,” Jodi admitted to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I told my husband before we got married that I was done with the show and I wasn’t planning on doing it ever again. But when this opportunity came up, it just felt different. It was a chance to get together with people I hadn’t seen in 15 years and kind of reconnect. My kids are at a good age now where they’re not babies anymore and I just felt like I COULD do it.”

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