The Great British Sewing Bee 2021: Meet the contestants ahead of the launch

This past year has allowed us to open many doors to what we can do in all the spare time we have had on our hands. Some people have turned to baking whilst others have gone full zen mode and started yoga.

Well, one hobby that has always been a keen favourite of is sewing and making clothes.

Therefore we were overjoyed that one of our much loved television shows is back on our screens on Wednesday 14 April at 9pm, The Great British Sewing Bee.

In the show we see 12 amateur sewers participate in a competition which see’s them take on various design tasks set by the two fabulous judges, Esme Young and Patrick Grant.

Each episode is presented by the wonderful comedian Joe Lycett who brings his own funny flare to our screens.

In the first episode Joe welcomes the fresh batch of talented people to the brand new sewing room which is located along London’s River Thames.

The first week will see the contestants take on a trio of tasks which are all based upon everyday wardrobe essentials from designing a simple ‘shell top’, to a speedy transformation challenge of reinventing t-shirts in under 90 minutes, to then taking on the Made to Measure task of creating a buffet dress.

Ahead of the show’s start date we thought we would take this chance for you to meet the contestants and place your bets on who might take home the trophy this year.

Adam, 31

Adam is a Cruise Ship Entertainment Director from Liecester who got into sewing at the age of six when his nan first taught him.

When it comes to creating Adam often works with nautical inspired fabrics and styles as well as embracing glamour from classic films.

Adeena, 40

Adeena is a Student Engagement Officer from Birmingham who in her work cleverly combines her Pakistani heritage with British style. She is said to be a spontaneous sewer who loves to create more work for herself by adding new elements to the design as she goes.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take up too much time as she tackles the weekly challenges.

Andrew, 54

Andrew is a maths teacher from Hull and sewing has been a part of his life since he was young. He would watch his mother and grandmother make their own garments which sparked an interest in bold fabrics and eye-catching designs.

Cathryn, 57

Cathryn is semi-retired and works part time in a post office in Yorkshire.

She has been sewing for over 50 years so has a wide range of knowledge which she can refer to throughout the competition.

She likes to work sustainably by using scraps of fabrics to create new pieces such as jeans, dresses and quilts.

Damien, 39

Damien is from Bolton and works as a IT Installation Engineer who has only recently added sewing to his long list of other hobbies.

He started sewing three years ago when he had to alter a pair of his work trousers.

Farie, 34

Farie established her talent for sewing in school where she studied Fabrics and Fashion during her GCSE’s. Now working as an accountant, she often creates outfits for her two daughters as requested by them.


Jean was first introduced to sewing by her mother when she was a child and has created items for herself and partner Jo since then.

Jean works as an Art Psychotherapist, using the medium of art to help children, teenagers, and adults through difficult life experiences.

Julie, 62

Julie currently works at a Beauty Therapist in Rotherham.

Julie’s first sewing machine was given to her as a Christmas gift and she’s been sewing ever since.

Julie’s style is bright and bold. She makes her own clothes and has sewn prize-winning dresses for Ladies’ Day at the races. She’s yet to try menswear as her partner, Paul, has told her “not to bother, you’re too wacky for me”.

Lawratu, 37

Local authority officer from Surrey, Lawratu has been sewing for six years and started making her own clothes after she didn’t like the fit of items in shops.

She is completely self-taught and is highly inspired by her West African heritage.

Raphael, 34

While his work as a Textile Artist has seen Raphael dyeing cloth for high-profile movies, it wasn’t until lockdown that he properly started learning to sew, focusing mainly on stylish menswear for himself.

He’s still developing his own sewing style, saying: "I’m a DIY sewer, because I’m self-taught. So I don’t necessarily use pins. But then, I also don’t like unpicking things!"

Rebecca, 23

A trained teacher, Rebecca now enjoys working as a Customer Assistant at her local supermarket in Scunthorpe.

From the age of four, her mum and nana passed on their lessons to her which saw her study textiles at A-level and now makes clothes as a stress reliever.

Rebecca admits that she has "a bad habit for not reading the instructions and just ploughing through", let’s hope that doesn’t trip her up in the competition.

Serena, 21

At 21, Serena is our youngest sewer this year. She is originally from Glasgow but has moved to Edinburgh to study medicine.

Serena is a lover of sustainable style and began teaching herself through YouTube tutorials and now creates her own designs whilst also giving a new lease of life to charity shop garments.

We cannot wait for this hit show to be back on our screens so make sure you tune into the brand new series on Wednesday 14 April at 9pm on BBC One.

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