Tinder man leaves horribly sexist and fatphobic message to woman he matched with

Tinder may be one of the most popular dating apps in modern history but it certainly has its share of Bad People.

We’ve seen some horrific chats and ridiculous lists on people’s bios and the latest conversation to join the ranks comes in the form of a very rude man using fatphobic language.

Emily Langston, a dance teacher from Essex, was amused by a Tinder user who suddenly switched on her for reasons unknown.

Sometimes men have a habit of turning hostile when they’re rejected but this one seems truly uncalled for as Emily had been receptive to his corny opening.

He wrote: ‘I’m jealous of your heart, it’s pumping inside you and I’m not.’

Though the line might’ve made the rest of us vom, Emily was kind enough to humour him and admitted that it was a ‘different’ conversation starter.

But the user, named Matt, must have forgotten how conversations work as he then decided to call her a ‘slag’.

Then, bizarrely trying to blame his teddy Olaf (yeah, us neither), Matt apologised.

It was a short-lived apology as he proceeded to ask Emily which one she was in her profile picture, asking whether she was ‘the fat one’.

Using sarcasm to respond to the horrible interaction, Emily replied: ‘Wow you’re a delight aren’t you?’

Matt further demonstrated his delightful personality, calling her a ‘fat c***’.

Emily spoke to Metro.co.uk, saying he was ‘vile’.

‘I didn’t chat to him any further, that was literally our whole conversation. After that, he asked if he could have my friend’s number. And then asked if I was a virgin.

‘I unmatched him afterwards because I thought he was an idiot!’

Emily tweeted the interaction which quickly went viral. She wrote on the post: ‘Get yourself a boy off Tinder who talks to you like this. Oh Matt, you’re cancelled x’.

Her sarcastic response resonated with many others as the post received more than 29,00 likes.

Fellow Twitter users were amused but disturbed.


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