Trend Watch: 12 Trucker Hats We’re Loving

The return of the Von Dutch hat has triggered a resurgence of the trucker hat.

It seems like everywhere you turn you see people donning them on the street, Instagram and TikTok — clearly, we all love nostalgia.

For many of us, it takes us back to the early Aughts and watching our favorite celebrities, such as Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, on TRL or in the latest issue of Seventeen or J-14 magazine. Luckily for those of us who are fans of Aughts fashion, trends tend to come back around every few years. Here, WWD has rounded up our favorite trucker hats.

Amiri’s M.A. Embroidered canvas hat perfect for when you go out and want to be low-key and not at the same time, $320. Courtesy photo

Von Dutch’s classic snapback with breathable mesh rear, $69. 

Tillys Los Angeles National Parks 6 panel trucker hat, $17.99. Courtesy photo

Carhartt’s logo print college hat good for those days on- and off-campus, $50. Courtesy photo

Clare V’s nylon and mesh trucker hat is the perfect unisex accessory, $35. 

Dsquared2’s cotton twill cap in navy, $210. Courtesy photo

Palm Angles’ cute teddy bear hat with mesh backing, $165. 

Stetson’s Sunset Trucker $42.43. Courtesy photo

The Hundreds victoria trucker perfect if you want to take California with you everywhere, $36. Paul Sun

The North Face Mudder Trucker, $29. 

This Brixton trucker hat is the hat you can wear for a week straight and no one will notice, $28. Courtesy photo

Urban Outfitter’s smile trucker hat guaranteed to liven up any summer look, $30. Courtesy photo

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