Twitter accounts collates texts with 'threatening auras'

Step away from the phone! Twitter account shares VERY funny text exchanges – from hilarious wrong number blunders to a person who called a baby ‘ugly’

  • Twitter account has collated funny and most awkward text exchanges online
  • Texts with Threatening Auras has racked up more than 184,000 followers
  • Here FEMAIL reveals the best and most cringeworthy exchanges from an overbearing grandmother to an ominous sounding neighbour

A hilarious Twitter account has collated some of the funniest and most awkward text exchanges, including a very underwhelming response to a birth announcement response and wrong number text gone disastrously wrong.

Twitter account Texts with Threatening Auras, shares hilarious messages from people around the world, including a one mother who said they had their child by accident and another person who sent an audio recording of themselves in the toilet.

One screenshot shows an overbearing grandmother texting their grandson to tell them she’d met some nice girls and let them know he’s circumcised, while another shows an ominous pile of cut up pork with the caption ‘Peppa Pig puzzle’.

Another shows someone admitting to boiling the kettle ahead of a water fight while one woman text her ex to ask why he still plays chess with her Dad online a year after they broke up.

Here FEMAIL reveals the best and most cringeworthy exchanges.

Caught red handed! Twitter account Texts with Threatening Auras, has racked up more than 184,000 followers thanks so its funny message exchanges – including one where a thief thought they were being flirted with

What are you bringing again? One person was very enthusiastic about a potluck despite having the wrong number

Awkward! One person tried to make a joke but saw their girlfriend accidentally confess to cheating

Betrayal! One person messaged their ex to ask why they were still playing chess online with their Dad

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Underwhelming! One Grandpa was very straight with the announcement of a new baby in the family

No chatting please! One person’s friendly message was met with a cold response on Facebook

Get a room! One person’s offer for dinner went extremely wrong when they said ‘you’re Dad is having me’ 

U-G-L-Y! One person was told their baby is ugly – and the comment extended to the parent too

Criminally bad chat! One person confessed to being arrested not realising it was a chat up line

Mum please! One person was told they were born accidentally after a butt dial to their mum

Love me please! One mum said she was going shopping alone after their child asked them to say they loved them

Horny eagle! One person who works as a mascot said they were ‘horny’ after chatting away

Do not play! Despite being sent a ‘no’ one person got an ominous voice note after being asked ‘do you want to hear my pee’

Where’s the baby?! Parents got very confused after they both though the other had their child

What did you just say? One person said they wished they were in another person’s stomach after they said they were eating nuggets 

Get the hint! One manager was left begging staff to work after one employee wasn’t getting the hint

A very awkward exchange! One neighbour was very confused after overhearing sex noises from next door

Not as subtle as she thought! One student was left red faced after publicly revealing she didn’t want to go on a date

Stay at home! One person said they were boiling water after the neighbourhood kids were having a water fight

A very overbearing husband! One man used his wife’s phone to ask contacts if anything was going on

Grandma WHAT! One Catholic grandmother was very keen to get her grandson a girlfriend and overshared

Could you give me schedule? Another person asked ‘what time will you be getting horny’ in an odd message

Is this meant to help me sleep? One person was sent a Peppa Pig puzzle – which was really just cut up ham

Furby takeover! Another person shared a snap of their new toy with a nice and a VERY ominous message

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