Wearing a jumper could slash £400 a year from your energy bills

WITH energy prices soaring, many Brits are looking for ways to slash their costs this winter.

Putting on extra layers might sound like something your dad would suggest, but new analysis from The Mirror shows it could reduce your bills by £400 a year.

Wearing layers warms you up by trapping air next to your body.

The newspaper found that when room temperature is 10C, a light wool jumper will raise temperatures to 18C.

A thick wool jumper will warm the air up to 20C.

When wearing a t-shirt, the air by your body is 15C, so a jumper heats you up by three or five degrees depending how thick it is.

Every degree a thermostat is turned down slashes annual energy bills by £80.

That means a light jumper could save you £240 a year, while a thick one will save you a whopping £400.

Of course, these figures will vary depending on a number of factors including how cold it is and how much heat your body provides.

But with Centrica predicting every home will see energy bills rise by £200 a year, extra layers could help you reclaim the cash.

If you don't fancy wearing a jumper throughout winter, there are other ways to slash bills.

Hundreds of thousands of people overpay by up to £246 on their energy bills because of bad insulation, but there are lots of ways to fix that, and they don't cost a fortune.

We've rounded up the six ways you can insulate your home from just £3 to save hundreds of pounds each year.

Top tips include buying draught excluders for as little as £3, drawing curtains, adding rugs and carpets and even a clever clingfilm hack.

It's also well worth checking out government schemes, as there's lots of help available for lower-income families.

For instance, you could get £25 a week to help with energy bills during the winter thanks to the cold weather payment scheme, and £300 off fuel payments during the coldest months with winter fuel payments.

New research has found that as many as one in six families with children say they are currently in arrears to their energy provider, or have been in the last twelve months.

Record gas prices have forced 14 small suppliers serving more than 2 million customers out of business since August.

And there are fears that Bulb could also go bust as rescue talks collapse due to high debts.

The UK's seventh largest energy currently serves 1.7 million customers who will be switched to a new provider if Bulb can't secure funding.

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