Wedding woes: Psychic reveals the unluckiest day of the year to get married

Picking a date for your wedding is no easy task, especially when you have to juggle availability of family members, overbooked venues, and ever-changing seasons.

But before agreeing on a day to tie the knot, it might be worth checking out the ‘luckiest’ and ‘unluckiest’ wedding dates of 2022.

Psychic Inbaal Honigman has shared the best dates to walk down the aisle, and the ones to stay clear of.

According to the astrologer, September 10 is the luckiest date to get married, and there are many reasons why.

Inbaal said: “Pisces is a very romantic sign, and Virgo is a very sensible sign. They sound like opposites – and in fact, on the wheel of the zodiac those signs lie on opposite ends. In a marriage, we need a good dose of romance, and a huge smattering of sensibility, so this date is ideal.

“The full moon in Pisces, which comes just once a year, is on this date, and at the same time, the sun is in Virgo.

“The sun being opposite the moon isn't exactly harmonious, but it does mean that each partner will be able to keep their own identity in the marriage, so it's a great date for unique personalities to tie the knot.”

If you're planning an abundant wedding, the psychic recommends exchanging vows on December 23.

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“If you and your partner care about the wealth aspect of married life, this is the date for you," she explained.

“Business and finances are very much within the domain of the sign of Capricorn, and on that date, the new moon as well as the sun are in Capricorn.

“Joining them there are Mercury, planet of communication, and Venus, planet of love, creating a unique union which could financially bless your own romantic union.”

But what about the unluckiest date of the year to get married?

According to the celebrity astrologer, October 2 is the date to avoid.

Inbaal said: “On its face, this date isn't the worst. It's pretty, it's in balanced Libra, so why not this date?

"During the tail end of 2022, multiple planets are going retrograde, each in turn, which means that the influences of this planet manifest in unhelpful ways. And some days, many planets do this.

"On this date, for example, Saturn planet of maturity, Jupiter planet of wealth, as well as dreamy Neptune and changeable Uranus are retrograde all day, and even Mercury is – in the morning.”

If you do decide to get married on October 2, this certainly doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed – you’re getting married to the love of your life, so count yourself lucky.

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