What does December 26th 2022 bring for MY star sign?

My Daily Horoscope: What does December 26th 2022 bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

The term Boxing Day might sound as if it’s referring to the mountain of post-Christmas packaging to be recycled. But it refers to gifts traditionally given to servants by wealthy employers. 

We like to think of ourselves as upstanding, generous citizens but, following Jupiter and Uranus’ final alignment this year, the cosmos calls for action not words. How to demonstrate that we understand the true meaning of our principles is by acting on them. 

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What does December 26th 2022 bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer (pictured) tells all. The term Boxing Day might sound as if it’s referring to the mountain of post-Christmas packaging to be recycled. But it refers to gifts traditionally given to servants by wealthy employers


March 21 – April 20

What do our pets think about Christmas? Cats’ predilection for baubles can create Christmas tree havoc. And dogs certainly appreciate the smells coming from the oven – and might get an extra treat or two. But, no matter how many legs you’ve got, or your liking of the festive season, you have an expectation of good things at this time of the year. And, the legacy of the Jupiter/Uranus alignment suggests that some surprising gifts are headed in your direction. Just because they don’t come wrapped with ribbons, don’t overlook them.

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April 21- May 21 

They say, ‘from tiny acorns mighty oaks grow’. This is of course true… just not for every single acorn. That’s why each tree produces so many seeds. The oaks know how few will germinate, so they plan for a certain number of failures. Are you placing too much hope on the kernel of hope that’s been sown in your world? Does it only have a small chance of coming to fruition? Even though it’s Christmas, if you find time to look closely, you’ll see it’s already beginning to sprout. You just need to nourish the process. And trust.

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May 22 – June 22

The saying ‘what you gain on the swings, you lose on the roundabouts’ has always baffled me. Who’s to say which ride is better? Surely, both are fun? In your life now, it’s important to know that no one has the power to take anything away from you. Nor can any sincere involvements leave you feeling worse off. It’s time to stop worrying about recent losses, emotional or material. If you give your heart to what’s still unfolding this Christmas, you’ll put yourself into a position where you can enjoy all that the playground has to offer.

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We like to think of ourselves as upstanding, generous citizens but, following Jupiter (pictured) and Uranus’ final alignment this year, the cosmos calls for action not words


June 23 – July 23

As a child, I used to think the expression was, ‘out of the frying pan, into the fryer’. It didn’t make much sense… but nor, with hindsight, does it make much difference. How much worse can the fire be to the fryer… or to the frying pan! Even in the throes of Christmas, you can’t shake off a feeling of impending change. And change is scary. But since you’re in a situation that needs to be improved, know that you won’t miss it… and that even if it takes a few attempts to make it right, you’re making your life more comfortable, and better.

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July 24 – August 23

‘We wish you a Merry Christmas… We all want some figgy pudding… We won’t go until we’ve got some’. Have you noticed the element of threat in this song? It rather perfectly sums up the expectations and pressures of the festive season. As a generous-hearted Leo, you’re trying to meet everyone’s needs. Which is all well and good, as long as you don’t completely negate your own. Hopefully, today will bring a chance to pause and indulge yourself. You might even find a surprising helping hand takes a burden away.

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August 24 – September 23

It’s hardly surprising you’re wondering when things are going to calm down. Despite the fact that Christmas Day’s over, you’ve still got a huge amount to do – and some of those tasks seem challenging, even troublesome. But suppose what you perceive as being difficult is a blessing in disguise? And that the situation that looks most problematic is about to blossom into something beneficial? Santa’s left you an invisible gift. It’s the perspective you need to be able to see a ‘problem’ in a way that enables a pleasingly simple solution.

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September 24 – October 23

We overcome challenging experiences, but we don’t forget them. At times, the pain of those memories prevents us from making progress, but at others, it’s productive, and enables us to make better choices. Christmas has a bittersweet element – it brings a mix of happy and sad memories. Be sensitive if someone seems out of sorts today. With some gentle encouragement, they’ll be back on form. And, if that person’s you, just acknowledging the challenges of the season, and being kind to yourself, will transform how you feel.

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October 24 – November 22

‘Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say, Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?’ Of course, today, Santa has got his feet up and is hopefully settling himself into a big cosy chair and relaxing with a festive drink. As for Rudolph, whose shiny nose guided the way to all the chimneys, he deserves to be pleased with his performance and enjoying hanging out with the rest of the reindeer team. Likewise, you’ve done a great job. Today brings appreciation… and hopefully some respite.

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November 23 – December 21

You can be sure everything’s going to be okay. For a while, you weren’t so certain of this. You were worried that you were caught up in a drama that would continue throughout the festive season. But clearly, there’s a Santa after all! You’re beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel… and it’s glowing brighter than Rudolph’s nose! The drama is transforming. The characters involved seem to have rewritten their scripts and imbued them with some Christmas spirit. The ending might be unknown… but it will be much happier than you think.

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December 22 – January 20

I always think of Santa Claus as a Capricorn. Consider the determination he needs to get around all those chimneys. And the careful planning and hard work that’s necessary beforehand. Not to mention the top-of-the-range organisational skills needed to honour all those wish-lists. Like the chap in the red suit, you’ve had a huge amount on your plate recently. You’ve been generous too. Today brings the reward you deserve. A warm glow of satisfaction is entirely appropriate. Take some time to enjoy your day today.

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January 21 –  February 19

Is it really the day after Christmas? Are you sure? How can you tell? Is it because of what’s leftover in the fridge? Or the piles of wrapping paper that need to be sorted? Or is it a feeling? The sense that the ‘big day’ is over, but that the essence of the festive season still lingers? Personally, I think it’s remarkable that we devote time, every year, to an event that promotes hope, gladness and joy. When today brings you an opportunity to celebrate, share it with as many people as possible. Good news is heading your way.

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February 20 – March 20

When we talk of the ‘power dynamics’ that underpin relationships, it’s easy to think they exist only in the business world. But deep down, we know that’s not quite the case. In a personal area of your life, you seem to have been giving far more than you’re getting in return. Maybe that’s how Christmas always is. But even so, today, you deserve some TLC and appreciation. Fortunately, that’s what the cosmos thinks too. The pendulum of change is swinging in your direction. You’ll begin to see how it affects your life today.

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