Whataburger still encouraging masks after Texas governor lifts mandate

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Whataburger is kindly asking customers to keep their masks over their burger-holes until it’s time to eat.

The Texas-based chain has confirmed that its current health and safety policies, which include face coverings for employees and half-capacity dining rooms, will remain in place despite Texas Gov. Greg Abbott rescinding the statewide mask mandate and reopening businesses at 100% capacity as of March 10.

In addition, guests at Whataburger are also being encouraged to wear masks when not actively eating, for the health and safety of both customers and employees.

“We’re aware there will no longer be a statewide mask mandate or capacity limit in Texas as of March 10, however, Whataburger will not be making any changes to our current safety protocols or social distancing practices,” Whataburger wrote in a statement shared with local news outlet WOAI. “Face coverings will continue to be required by all Whataburger employees and we encourage our customers to wear them when visiting our restaurants.”

Cars wrap around a Whataburger restaurant as queue to order food after a snow storm on February 17, 2021 in Fort Worth, Texas. Very few restaurants were open during the worst of Winter storm Uri, which brought historic cold weather and power outages to the Lone Star State.
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On Twitter, customers and employees of Whataburger appeared to confirm Whataburger’s mask policies both currently and beyond March 10, although a representative for the restaurant was not immediately available to discuss updates, if any, to the chain’s protocol.

On Tuesday, Abbott issued an executive order rescinding the state’s mask mandate and restoring business capacities to 100%, citing “medical advancements of vaccines and antibody therapeutic drugs” in the fight against COVID-19. The order goes into effect Wednesday, March 10, although private businesses, such as restaurants, will still reserve the right to set their own mask policies.


In addition to masks, Whataburger has introduced a number of health and safety measures to help curb the spread of coronavirus, including placing capacity limits on dining rooms (50%), conducting daily wellness checks of employees, requiring strict sanitizing procedures, and implementing social-distancing requirements, among other policies. 

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