‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Call To Change Rule That Prevents Big Winnings

Choose your words carefully if you end up as a contestant on ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

Fans took to Twitter once again, calling for the long-running game show to change the 2016 rule, in which a contestant using the word ‘and’ can lose their earned fortune.

It’s a small technicality.

The crossword portion of the game show is a list comprised of four words and more than once, a contestant has naturally added the word ‘and’ as they read the list.

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According to the New York Post, on Wednesday’s episode, David Pederson correctly answered, “Soul, Flounder, Cod and Catfish” but host Pat Sajak didn’t count the answer as correct because of Pederson’s use of the word “and”.

Another contestant was able to answer the crossword, omitting the dreaded word and won.

In 2019, the same technicality cost Kristen Shaw $1,950 plus a trip to Nashville, valued at more than $8,000 according to Fox News.

Each time, Twitter is flooded with fans upset over the “dumb” rule and calling for the show to either change the rule or at the very least, add the word “and” to the crossword puzzle.

Given such a minute mistake can cost a contestant the win, it’s easy to understand the frustration, but executives of the hit game show don’t seem keen on changing anytime soon.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ responded to Fox News during the Shaw fiasco. “Our long-standing rule is that in order to have a correct puzzle solve, a contestant must say only what is on the board without adding words.”

The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ spokesperson added that contestants are told the rules prior to the show and Sajak often reminds players of the rules throughout the show.

However, fans of the hit game show nearing its 50th anniversary say if the rule isn’t a good rule, get rid of it or change it. Twitter posts ranged from calling the rule “dumb” and “draconian” while others just expressed frustration as yet another contestant lost for seemingly, no good reason.

Peterson did take home $1,000 despite losing the crossword puzzle.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ executives have yet to respond to the public comments.

The popular game show premiered on NBC on Jan. 6, 1975 with game show host Chuck Woolery at the helm for the first seven years. The show where three contestants win money and prizes for solving a variety of word puzzles didn’t seem like such a hit, but Woolery told Hollywood Reporter that before long, they were number one in ratings.

After seven years, Woolery requested a raise of $500,000 per year. Instead, he was replaced by Sajak and Vanna White for $65,000 a year and $200 per show respectively. As soon as the show’s financial backer left, Woolery says both Sajak and White’s salaries soared into the multi-millions.

As of 2020, Sajak reportedly makes $15 million per year and White makes $10 million annually.

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