Wife trolled for being a housewife and making her husbands lunch every day

Everyone has different things they want to get out of life – from career go-getters to homemakers.

And, some women strive to stay at home and be a loving housewife like TikTok user Hannah.

She claims to love looking after her husband’s every need despite the hate she gets online for her acts of service.

The doting housewife has gathered a huge clan of followers by posting videos of the yummy lunches she sends her husband to work with.

But, while many praise her work and culinary prowess some insist that her partner should “do it himself” and that she spoils him too much.

Hannah answered some fan questions on her TikTok page.

She stated that she does have lots of other interests outside of cooking and cleaning.

Hannah explained that she was very happy with being a housewife and that it works for her family.

The young woman said that her project manager husband loves her being at home so she doesn't feel the need to have a career.

Hannah learned how to cook from a young age and makes everything from juicy salads to slow cooked meat and rice.

In one video, the housewife shared some of the hateful comments she gets online.

One said: “This isn’t realistic”.

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“Your relationship is odd,” another noted.

While many people told her to “make him do it himself” or that Hannah’s husband “must be five years old”.

But, still more women admired her lifestyle and explained that they’d love to model their relationship in a similar way.

One woman said: “Honestly, I’d love to be a housewife”.

“Your food looks so good,” another commented.

And a third wrote that housewives were an “under appreciated lifestyle choice”.

Hannah’s TikTok page has racked up a whopping 6.3m views and almost half a million likes.

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