Woman called ‘saviour’ for sharing trick to getting stains out of suede shoes

Lovely suede. So soft, yet so impractical and so easily ruined by rain/going about your daily life in general.

This is especially true of suede shoes . How many pairs of yours have gone from box fresh to dog-eared over the course of a night out? We bet the number isn't zero…

If this is a scenario you're painfully familiar with – yet you can't resist a pair of suede heels – then one clever woman has the answer to your prayers.

According to Twitter user Kiera O'Hagan , the key to rescuing stained suede heels is probably in your make-up bag or in your bathroom.

She even kindly pointed shoppers in the right direction, adding: "Its Garnier micellar water. You can get it from Boots, Superdrug, Asda and some poundshops."

Kiera first tweeted about it last year, and then recently pointed out how her trick had once again saved the day.

And it seems like it takes no time at all for micellar water to work it's magic, as Kiera adds: "It works amazing I tried them on my white suede trainers too! Just put it on a cotton pad and rub away."

When you think about it, it makes sense. If micellar water can rid our faces of the most stubborn of eye make-up, it can probably tackle dirty shoes too.

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