‘World’s closest twins’ engaged to same man want to ‘share’ each other’s babies

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, who call themselves the "world's most identical twins", are trying to get pregnant at the same time and be mums to each other's babies.

The inseparable pair, from Perth in Australia, recently got engaged to their electrician boyfriend Ben Bryne and shared the news to their family.

In a conversation with their mum and another family member, the 35-year-old pair said they wish to raise their children together.

"We would look after each other’s baby, I’ll probably think what’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine, that’s how it would be," Anna and Lucy said in a TLC video on TikTok.

The twins would "share babies" because neither of them would think "this is my baby and that’s your baby".

"We would share the babies like a whole family," Anna added. "We are a family."

But their relative pointed out that the baby "couldn't have two mums".

Mum Jeanna then chimed in, explaining: "No, if Lucy has a baby, then Lucy is the mother. And if you have the baby, Anna, you're the mother."

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Anna and Lucy, both looking perplexed and confused, disagreed and insisted that they want the babies to have two mums and one dad.

"For mental stability, you want the baby to know who is mum and who is dad. It simplifies everything," the family member continued.

"That would become very strange."

Viewers also seemed to agree with the mum and believed the babies would end up "growing up confused".

One wrote: "I don't even think the babies would know who is mum anyway."

A second added: "I can see their side. They believe they are one person split.

"Strange for others but we aren't twins or bonded. They truly believe they are one."

Another threw a question in the bag: "Would they be siblings or cousins?"

In the previous episode, their boyfriend Ben told Anna and Lucy: "You mean the world to me and I want to spend my life with you.

"I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy."

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