X-Men: Dark Phoenix Says a Tragic Goodbye to a Major Character

Spoilers for X-Men: Dark Phoenix are lurking below, FYI.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix had a daunting task to accomplish in its 113-minute runtime — wrap up the storylines of all the major characters in satisfying enough ways, while still leaving room for future spinoffs. (Now that Disney has control of both Marvel and 20th Century Fox, we know that’s inevitable, right?) While the film does manage to give the arcs of characters like Hank/Beast and Erik/Magneto reasonable conclusions, others are left more ambiguous. And in the case of one mutant in particular, their arc is extinguished altogether — unfortunately Raven, aka Mystique, doesn’t make it out of Dark Phoenix alive.

The character has undergone an admirable inner transformation, proving that her shape-shifting abilities extend beyond her appearance. Raven, played by Jennifer Lawrence since 2011’s X-Men: First Class, has evolved from a cynical potential villain into a woman full of empathy for her fellow mutants, and who is deeply protective of the younger students at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. It’s that guardian-like quality that actually gets her into trouble in Dark Phoenix.

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