You can now get acne prescriptions from Superdrug instead of needing a GP appointment

We all have moments when our skin plays up, but we don’t always seek expert advice for it. If a concern is really getting you down, don’t suffer in silence – Superdrug is here to help.

The retailer is rolling out a new ‘Pharmacy Skin Advice and Treatment Service’, where specially trained pharmacists can offer support, advice and treatment options for a host of skin conditions. They can also prescribe some medicines for acne and eczema flare ups, saving you a trip to the doctor’s.

That means if you’re experiencing acne breakouts of the nodule or cyst variety, which can often leave scarring if left untreated, or itchy eczema or psoriasis patches, you won’t necessarily need to call up your GP to get the problem looked at.

Though the exact medications that might be on offer haven’t been listed by Superdrug, the retailer has said that “prescription-only medicines for mild to moderate” skin issues will be available, after an initial consultation has taken place. We’d take a guess that this could include certain higher-strength retinoids, benzoyl peroxide formulas, and perhaps even mild antibiotic topicals.

The roll-out of the skin advice service comes after Superdrug studies reveal that one in two people (54%) have previously seen a doctor about a visible skin condition. Studies also show that people are also less likely to get GP advice due to appointment shortages and lack of face-to-face meets.

Superdrug’s research shows the extent of how skin concerns can weigh on our minds, with 66% of people feeling self-conscious about their skin condition, and 24% stopping socialising due to the impact of their skin condition on their confidence.

“For those suffering skin conditions like acne and eczema, having this added support from their Superdrug trained pharmacist will hopefully allow them to live more confidently in the skin they’re in as well as helping to treat their skin conditions,” says Dr Sara Kayat, Superdrug ambassador.

Appointments will be free of charge, and walk-ins are encouraged. So if you’re keen to chat through a skin concern with an expert, head to your local Superdrug pharmacy, where the service is being rolled out over the next few weeks.

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