Blokes urged to check balls by Man Mag campaign – The Sun

BLOKES have been urged to check their balls regularly by a new men's magazine aimed at tackling testicular cancer.

Man Magazine launched earlier this year and encourages blokes to be bold about checking themselves on the reg.

The mag is aimed at the modern man who wants to look good, have fun and be healthy.

Founder and executive editor, Lee Gatland said: It’s not easy being a bloke in this modern day – being faced with stress and so much responsibility, but at the same time wanting to have fun and adventure.”


Seven Star Media – the team behind Man Mag – want readers to feel proud and be on top of their lives and not to be embarrassed by physical or mental health related issues.

As a result its pages are packed full of practical health advice plus celebrity interviews, 'breaks with your mates', DIY, motoring, relationship tips, savvy style sense and the latest tech updates.

And each issue includes vital information on self-checks and what to do if you're worried.

Sun Sport and Dream Team actively support Man Magazine in cooperation with Male Cancer Awareness Campaign to encourage self-checking and early diagnosis of testicular cancer.

If discovered early, testicular cancer is more likely to stay at Stage 1 and has less chance of spreading to nearby lymph nodes or the lungs.

So, while you’re down there … check 'em out!

And be sure to check out Sun Sport's Dream Team while you're at it.

Remember testicular cancer is one of the most treatable cancers – if you self-check and get diagnosed!

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