Bryony Frost bullying fears being investigated by BHA amid concerns rival jockeys may be taunting King George winner

FEARS star female jockey Bryony Frost is being bullied by rival jockeys are being investigated.

The British Horseracing Authority has launched a probe into the weighing room treatment of the King George winner.

Frost, 25, rocketed to superstardom after winning the Boxing Day showpiece on Frodon.

But since then she has spoken of the negative treatment she has received from those inside the sport.

And she had to confirm a Twitter account set up in her name was fake – admitting 'someone is pretending to be me'.

Now the sport's governing body have opened an investigation into the treatment of British racing's most successful female jockey.

Frost cannot speak too much of the concerns due to the ongoing probe.

But she told the Racing Post: "At the minute it's really hard for me to talk about.

"I'm not allowed to say much because it's in the hands of the BHA. They have taken control of it and for the moment I can't say any more.

"In time I will talk about it because it concerns something that must be improved for our younger generation."

Speaking of the hurt she has experienced during her success, Frost previously said: "We're only human, of course it does [hurt].

"It's hard for me to chat about it because there are still things that need to be sorted out.

"But I feel for our younger generation this is something I'm going to be very keen to make better.

"It's from within [the sport] at the minute, but it's nothing we can't handle.

"I will try to fix it.

"I don't want to go into it at the minute, I'm just trying to protect a few others. I can't say too much."

A BHA spokesperson said: "The BHA does not comment on ongoing investigations or speculation concerning potential investigations."

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