Inside Logan Paul's training camp in Puerto Rico from sparring world champion to mimicking Floyd Mayweather's style

LOGAN PAUL has been preparing to shock the world with the help of a world champion and Floyd Mayweather replicas in sunny Puerto Rico.

The YouTuber faces boxing legend Mayweather in Miami on Sunday, but he set up his training base 1,000 miles away on the Caribbean island.

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And SunSport has taken an exclusive look into his camp and can reveal how Paul's gearing up for what most consider mission impossible.

After leaving Los Angeles, his head coach Milton Lacroix called upon some old friends to help out with sparring, including boxers at the Team La Perla gym in San Juan.

One of those was amateur Lucas Ruiz, who helped mimic Mayweather's famously elusive style and was left impressed after the spar.

Ruiz, 24, said: "It was great work actually. I thought he was really just a YouTuber, but he can actually fight.

"He's a great athlete, he's got good endurance and to me, if he keeps boxing he can really become somebody.

"He had a good flow and he was letting his hands go and you can tell Milton is getting him right." 

Ruiz's coach Gabriel Lamastus oversaw the sparring sessions, and was less eager to get carried away with what he witnessed from Paul.

Lamastus revealed: "I would describe him as complicated, he's a complicated fighter, but I wouldn't say he's a good fighter or a great fighter, just complicated.


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"He can bring some trouble to somebody who doesn't have that much experience, but definitely he's not bringing any challenge to Mayweather.

"That's not even a question. Logan has a very basic style, he throws the jab, throws his jab, and try to put his right hand in there.

"His defence is pretty good, he's elusive, he can move his head and his reflexes are good.

"He gets out the way of punches not really by blocking or catching the punches but mostly by evasion.

"He fights with his hands down and depends on his reflexes to get out of the punches, which is a good style if it works for you.

"I won't say he's a bad fighter either. He's 0-1, for being 0-1, he's OK. But you can never compare him to Mayweather or any of the greats.

"He has to go through a lot to really be considered a good fighter. You can't be a good fighter just because you have a bunch of followers.

"I do agree he should be given the respect, because he trains and I respect the guy, I have nothing bad to say about the guy.

"But I'm talking technical stuff. And Mayweather is a hard challenge. If you put Logan in an easier fight, I'm sure he could get some wins."

Logan is as inexperienced as they come in the ring, boxing only TWICE before, both against online rival KSI.

The first, a white collar bout in 2018, ended in a draw before they turned pro a year later, which Paul lost by a scrappy split-decision.

But the two years since have seen him working non-stop to hone his craft, leaving WBA 'Regular' champion Jean Pascal pleasantly surprised.

Pascal, 38, sparred Paul in Puerto Rico and pointed to the physical advantages he will have over Mayweather.

He explained: "That was good sparring and honestly what people don't know, they think Logan Paul is just a YouTuber, but Logan Paul has got some skills.

"He's got some natural boxing skills, he's athletic, he's a big guy. Floyd is 147 pounds, Logan Paul is probably 200 pounds.

"For the fight he has to be 190, but Floyd's probably going to be 150-160 so that's a huge gap, maybe that gap might make a difference.

"Of course, he's going to fight the best boxer ever, so it's going to be really hard to touch Floyd, but if he can connect – anything can happen.

"That's the beauty of our sport, one punch, a fraction of a second can change the fight."

But coach Lamastus is certain no matter how big Paul is, nothing will ever bridge the gap in terms of skill and class in the ring with Mayweather.

He said: "I will say the size advantage is not really a factor for Floyd. The reality is Floyd is just too good, he can get in and out.

"Lukas is by no means Mayweather, but he has a Philly Shell, elusive style and he was able to get in and out pretty good and not let Logan hit him.

"They say styles make fights and I will say this fight sucks for Logan. I will say it's a very complicated, hard night for Logan."


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