Joe Greenwood getting love for rugby league back after Wigan 'annoyance'

JOE Greenwood is getting the love back for rugby league after Wigan almost talked it out of him – at a place where it is OK to 'f*** up.'

And after having his eyes opened at Huddersfield, he has an international aim in his sights, getting back into the England team.

He also revealed the three key words that bring everyone together – honesty, trust and family.

The back-rower left the Warriors for the Giants after it was spelled out to him in no uncertain terms he would not get much game time in 2021.

Now after just a week of working with boss Ian Watson, he is in no doubt he made the right decision because the smile is back on his face.

Greenwood said: “I fell out with rugby a bit as I was like, ‘Oh, I’m not playing at the moment, I’m a bit p***ed off.’

“It was frustrating and the way it came across I was a bit annoyed with Wigan. I didn’t expect what they’d say to me because of the number of games I’d played and how I played after the first lockdown.

“They just said, ‘We’ve signed a lot of players and you probably won’t get much opportunity.’ I was a bit p***ed off with that. Now I’m really enjoying it again.

“Watto is very technical, he breaks everything down and tells you how it is. He changes with the times too as in my opinion, with the changes to the rules, old school rugby doesn’t really work.

“He wants everyone to be skilful, even the forwards. Some teams will be like, ‘Get in the middle for a kick.’ He’s like, ‘If a play’s on, play it.’

“And he focuses on players’ positives and promotes them. He’ll say, ‘I want you to do this. Put it on in training, if you f*** up it’s fine as I want you to explore it.’

“He also said all he wants from a player is honesty, trust and family. Family being the main one.

“We sat down and Ian asked, ‘What do you want out of this season?’ I said, ‘I want to get back on to the international stage.’

“England is my aim and it’s a World Cup year. I laid it on the table and Ian said, ‘We’ll work hard together and we’ll get you there.’

“I’ve learned so much from him. He’ll come up to you and say, ‘This is what you did a little bit wrong, this is how I want you to change it.’

“He’s so technical, I’ve never seen anyone like it.”

Greenwood is one of several new faces at Huddersfield for 2021, as well as Josh Jones, Jack Cogger, Luke Yates and Jack Ashworth.

The Giants have been forced to close their training ground after a number of Covid-19 cases, meaning no travelling across hills to give old Gold Coast Titans team-mate Chris McQueen a lift – he could as both are regularly tested.

But he is not one of the players to have contracted the virus.

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