Mike Francesa calls out ex-Yankees for sign-stealing criticisms

Mike Francesa has a message for Yankees players and fans upset about the MLB sign-stealing scandal that is enveloping the Astros, Red Sox and Mets — pipe down, you’re being hypocritical.

Francesa, ripped CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira for their comments on the scandal during his Wednesday show on WFAN Radio.

Teixeira, who played with Beltran in The Bronx for three years, said the Mets need to dump Carlos Beltran just as the Red Sox canned Alex Cora and the Astros pink-slipped A.J. Hinch. Sabathia said recently it was “frustrating” to know the Yankees two primary rivals cheated and that maybe he could have had another World Series title in 2017 or 2018 if the scandal hadn’t happened.

But Francesa isn’t buying any of that talk from the two former Yankees, who led the Yankees to a World Series title in 2009.

“For the Yankees to act sanctimonious here, I don’t care if it’s (Mark) Teixeira, C.C. Sabathia,” Francesa said. “Do the Yankees want to give back the home runs that were hit by players that won games in the postseason who were on steroids?” Or the games that were pitched by pitchers who were on steroids? Of course not. They want that dismissed.

“You can’t act holier than thou when your own house isn’t in order.”

Francesa — who doubled down on his Tuesday comments by saying Beltran shouldn’t be fired — also said the Yankees have had plenty of players who were punished for using steroids. The most notable Yankee caught using steroids was Alex Rodriguez, a key cog in their 2009 World Series run.

“The Yankees had more steroid guys than anybody, so you can’t act holier than thou when your own house isn’t in order,” he said.

Francesa also said the Yankees weren’t bothered by the swirl that surrounded Beltran when they hired him last season.

“Why didn’t the Yankees talk to him about what happened in 2017, if it was so important,” the WFAN host said. “They were making claims in ’17. Why didn’t they sit Beltran down now that he was an employee and ask him what was going on?”

Francesa said because Beltran wasn’t a skipper at the time, he shouldn’t lose the Mets’ job for stealing signs as a player and that it was the manager’s job to stop any questionable action. Beltran was the the only player mentioned in commissioner Rob Manfred’s report.

“Here’s the one thing people are missing,” Francesa said, addressing the critics calling for Beltran to be dismissed. “Whether or not Beltran was the architect of the sign stealing – he was not in a position of authority in Houston, they could have shut it down.”

“No player is going to ever be implicated or punished for using information that is garnered by the team in terms of signs. It’s been going on in baseball for 70 years.”

Francesa said Beltran — who lied to The Post’s Joel Sherman two months ago about his involvement in the scandal — has some fence-mending to do with the media, but shouldn’t lose his job over it.

“Now maybe you want to put this stigma on Beltran and maybe you’re upset that he lied to the media, really?” Francesa said. “Stand all the guys in line for every coach who’s lied to the media a million times, every owner who’s lied to the media a million times, every player who has lied to the media a million times. He’s not going to get fired because he lied to the media.”

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