Nigel Benn predicts son Conor will be world champion within next year aged 25

BOXING legend Nigel Benn believes son Conor will be a world champion within a year.

And the Hall of Famer has blasted Conor's critics and told them to 'shut up' and 'give him a break'.

The 24-year-old has won all 16 of his pro fights, securing 11 KOs on the way.

But in December 2017 Conor was lucky to escape with a points win against Cedrick Peynaud after being floored twice in the first round of six.

He went on to answer those questions emphatically with an easy points win in the rematch less than a year later.

And world success is just around the corner, according to the welterweight's dad Nigel.

Speaking to Marc Gatford via the blog, Nigel said: "Conor’s got that spitefulness in him.

"By the time he’s 25 he’ll either be world champion or on the right path because that’s when you start getting man strength.

"He’ll have full man strength by the time he's 25 and he’ll start banging people out

"Just because he was dropped by the Frenchman [Peynaud] twice, they feel Conor’s a bit chinny.

"I got dropped by Anthony Logan, by Michael Watson, I got smacked around by Eubank 30 years ago.

"But who got voted into the hall of fame, who got voted as the best middleweight by the WBC along Calzaghe?

"I got put on my backside but I still went in there and achieved it. And I think Conor can do exactly the same."

Conor has been described as 'wild' by some boxing commentators, who think his style will run him into big problems at world level.

But dad Nigel has blasted the criticism and thinks his son does not get the credit he deserves.

The 56-year-old former two-weight world champ added: "Conor’s fought guys in the top ten, former champions who have fought at top class level.

"He comes in and bangs them out – and yet he does not get the credit.

"One of the commentators was calling Conor ‘wild’, Conor is not wild, I was so p****d off. I thought ‘shut up, give him a break’.

"There’s nothing wild about Conor, he got caught with a shot but he’s not wild. He’s controlled. Once he’s got the measure of them he sets about them."

Benn fights this weekend when he meets former IBO world welterweight champ Sebastian Formella.

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