Stunning reality TV star reveals Portuguese footballer had 'micropenis' that was like 'lost worm in Amazon rainforest'

A REALITY TV star has lifted the lid on her fling with a Portuguese footballer revealing brutal details on his 'micropenis.'

Mari Cielo Pajares, daughter of legendary Spanish actor Andres Parajes, raised eyebrows by starring as a contestant on game show 'La Cara Fuerte 2.'.

It raised questions about her past, particularly as an adult film actress and her book 'Memoirs of a Whore.'

In a passage, the 44-year-old details her brief romance with a mystery player and why she didn't hang about for very long.

Reported by Mundo Deportivo, it read: "When it was almost dawn, the Portuguese player decided it was time for us to go to bed.

"When he finally took off his boxers… This was, hands down, the smallest micropenis I had ever seen .

"If I had to masturbate him, I would need tweezers, a microscope, and a GPS."

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🇬🇧 Shiiiiiiieeeet! Was that your double morals!? So much Earth to walk and I had to step on them and smash them. My apologies. 🇪🇸 Vaya! Eso era tu…!? Toda esta tierra en el mundo y he tenido que pisar tu doble moral. Mis más sinceras disculpas. 🇫🇷 Put*in! C'était votre …!? Toute cette terre dans le monde et j'ai dû marcher sur vos doubles standards. Mes plus sincères excuses. 📷 by @yeyo._.marin 📍@espailafilanda

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🇪🇸 Y me dijo: “Vamos a discutirlo cariño. Las cartas sobre la mesa!” (Alérgica al drama). 🇬🇧 And he told me: “Let's discuss it honey. The cards on the table!" (Allergic to drama). 🇫🇷 Et il m'a dit: “Parlons-en chérie. Les cartes sur la table!" (Allergique au drame). 📷 by @jorgeogalla_oficial

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🇪🇸 Hay gente tan de cerrar puertas, y yo soy tan de abrir ventanas. (Más fotos de esta sesión fotográfica en el enlace de la website que encontraréis en la biografía de mi perfil de Instagram) 🇬🇧 They are people who enjoy closing doors, I enjoy opening windows. 🇫🇷 Ce sont des gens qui aiment fermer les portes, j'aime ouvrir les fenêtres. #natural #alive #positivemind #nomad #inlovewithlife 📷 by @jorgeogalla_oficial

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🇪🇸 Alma candida: María… Compórtate! Madura de una vez! Yo: A la orden.🇬🇧 Judgemental kind soul: María… Behave! Grow the f*ck up!Me: Yes, you are right, my apologies, better like this?🇫🇷 Quiconque trouve ma vie plus divertissante que la leur: Maria! Se comporter! Vous devriez mûrir maintenant! Moi: Bien sûr, mes excuses, mieux comme ça? 📷 by @dapicturephotography

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🇪🇸 Podría deciros q he tenido una revelación mientras me duchaba y estoy en un momento de iluminación muy zen, pero en honor a la verdad, se me ha olvidado comprar jabón y me he dejado la puñetera toalla en la maleta. Aquí me hallo, calculando de 0 a 10 lo lista q soy. 🇬🇧 I could say that I have a revelation moment in the shower and I’m enlightened and so zen, but in honor to the truth I just remembered I didn’t buy the shower gel and forgot my towel in my back, I’m just calculating from 0 to 10 how damn smart I am. 🇫🇷 Je pourrais dire que j'ai un moment de révélation sous la douche et que je suis éclairé et tellement zen, mais en l'honneur de la vérité je viens de me rappeler que je n'ai pas acheté le gel douche et j'ai oublié ma serviette dans le dos, je suis juste calculer de 0 à 10 comment je suis sacrément intelligent.

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She later told magazine Diez Minutos: “I won't say the name nor will I ever say it because I don't want to ruin his life.

"We had intimate relationships on several occasions. He had impressive backs and abs, but he took off his boxers and I was like, 'Bye!'

"This was like a small, lost worm in an Amazon rainforest. I will only say that he is a foreigner and very handsome."

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