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MIKE TYSON and Roy Jones Jr will meet at the Staples Center in Los Angeles next month – and tonight they are fielding questions at their first press conference.

You can watch all of tonight's event – which also features YouTube star Jake Paul – right here…


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  • Anthony Chapman


    Paul already wound up here, exclaiming: “You're dumb Nate.

    “You’re the one talking s**t on Instagram.

    “Shut up, you know you’re boring and you know you suck.

    “You sure as hell don’t know how to box. I’ll bounce your head off the canvas.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    Robinson already digging out Paul and his brother Logan.

    He says: “You see his brother on the Disney channel

    “I follow Jake’s YouTube, how can you not, he’s already interrupting the interview already, very disrespectful.

    “It’s going to be fun seeing him. You and your brother only fight YouTubers, you’re going to fight a real athlete, I’ll beat your a**.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    Paul a bit late tuning in, saying he’s at the hospital for a check-up.

    Trying to brush it off, he jokes: “My team was afraid I was turning into Iron Man

    “I punched a hole in a car.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    Jake Paul and Nate Robinson up next here.

  • Anthony Chapman


    McKernan ends with one last parting shot at Jack.

    He sniped: “Jack's on a downward trajectory in his career, I'm going up.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    Jack is unflustered by McKernan's promise.

    He responds: “My team is telling me he's been talking crazy so who's overlooking who?

    “I've fought eight world champs back to back, he’s a club level fighter.

    “We gave this guy an opportunity, he don’t deserve to be on this stage.

    “Show a little respect. He reminds me of Peter Magnelli, that’s how he talks.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    McKernan believes he is being unfairly written off.

    He said: “It’s comical to me. The number one rule should be never underestimate anyone.

    “In boxing never look past the fight that’s in front of you.

    “You have no idea about their skill set and what they can do.

    “Badou Jack has never shared the ring with a man of the calibre like myself.

    “‘I’ve been overseas, fought in wars, I’ve looked death in the eyes countless times.

    “Staring at him across the ring doesn’t intimidate me, I’m prepped for war and ready for battle.

    “Jack is just one of the people standing in my way at the moment.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    Jack on fine form this evening.

    He continues: “I’m not used to fighting before a couple of YouTubers, but it is what it is.

    “It’s not a typical fight card but I'm not mad. This is for the kids.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    It sparked a fierce response from McKernan, saying: “I think they’re overlooking me, I'm no threat, an easy pay day.

    “That's something they shouldn't have done. Picking me for this fight was the wrong decision.

    “I’ve been prepping my entire life for this moment and will seize it.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    Shots fired already here.

    Jack says: “I was not familiar with him and still am not.

    “I guess this is the guy they picked and it's just another day at the office.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    Here is Badou Jack and Blake McKernan for the next round of questions…

  • Anthony Chapman


    Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr's fight will take place at the Staples Centre in downtown Los Angeles.

    It will be the first event to be held at the arena since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

    But fans will still not be allowed to attend.

  • Anthony Chapman


    Riley is ready to show what he can bring to the big stage.

    He said: “This is extremely important, it’s major exposure to the traditional boxing world.

    “I’ve got a great following through my other ventures.

    “This is a good statement for me to prove my skills and show what I know in the ring.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    Coulter is adamant he will stand his ground despite being labelled the underdog against Riley.

    He explained: “I took a fight in the UFC on my debut on nine days’ notice in front of 20,000 people

    “I’ve fought on huge stages. I’m built for pressure and some are not.

    “When people fight me, they feel they never want to fight me again because I push them to that point of quitting.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    Coulter is grateful for being given the opportunity to fight on such an exciting card.

    He said: “It didn't surprise me a door was open on a card of this magnitude.

    “I heard he's been around for a long time. The reason they’ve given me the opportunity is they think it's going to be an easy fight.

    “But I appreciate Viddal, Tyson and Jones for giving me such an opportunity.”

  • Anthony Chapman


    Asked about working with Floyd Mayweather, Viddal says: “It's been great, what I needed. I don't feel out of place.

    “I'm destined to go to the same place.

    “Working with people who have that attitude makes you want to fulfil these expectations.”

  • James Orr


    The fighters will all be interviewed by Helwani tonight and will be live from various locations.

    KSI's trainer Viddal Riley first up..

  • James Orr


    We're about to go live with the press conference!

    ESPN combat sports analyst Ariel Helwani hosts, and it will feature all eight main event fighters.

  • James Orr

    YouTuber Jake Paul will be back in the ring on the Tyson undercard too

  • James Orr

    The 51-year-old Jones Jr, meanwhile, last fought only two years ago

  • James Orr

    Tyson, 54, has got into phenomenal shape for the fight

  • James Orr


    YouTuber Jake Paul leads the way on the four-fight card when he takes on ex-NBA star Nate Robinson.

    Elsewhere KSI's trainer Viddal Riley is also in action as is former super-middleweight champion Badou Jack.

    The press conference tonight, hosted by ESPN combat sports analyst Ariel Helwani, will feature all eight main event fighters.

    • Tyson vs Jones Jr
    • Badou Jack vs Blake McKernan
    • Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson
    • Viddal Riley vs Rashad Coulter

    How the legends compare…


    • Tyson vs Jones Jrtakes place on Saturday, November 28.
    • Coverage begins at 8pm ET, which is midnight in UK.
    • BT Sport Box Office will be showing the fight in the UK.
    • You can also watch the pay-per-view event on

    MIKE TYSON and Roy Jones Jr meet TONIGHT in their first press conference before their mouth-watering fight next month.

    And you can see all of the huge press conference right here from 5pm.

    The hugely-anticipated exhibition bout takes place in California on November 28.

    The legendary pair have a combined age of 105, and despite its “exhibition” title, both boxers have said they will be coming out swinging.

    Tyson said: “We're throwing punches at each other. This is going to be my definition of fun … broken eye sockets, broken jaw, broken rib. That's fun to me.”

    Jones had said: “I do have first-round fireworks, but he's known for more first-round fireworks than anybody to ever touch boxing, other than maybe George Foreman.”

    YouTuber Jake Paul leads the way on the undercard when he takes on ex-NBA star Nate Robinson.

    Elsewhere KSI's trainer Viddal Riley is also in action as is former super-middleweight champion Badou Jack.

    Emmy-winner Mario Lopez hosts the show, and musical acts will be announced for performances too.

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