Watch Paige Spiranac get hole-in-one in front of Gary Player before stunned golf legend hugs her in celebration

PAIGE SPIRANAC got a hole in one and a hug in wonder from golf legend Gary Player.

The ex-pro turned social media star whooped with joy as she pulled off the achievement all golfers want in front of a player all want to impress.

Spiranac anxiously checked a pal had recorded her special moment – and thrust her arms up to celebrate when it was confirmed she had.

And South African 'super veteran' Player, 85, seemed just as overjoyed as he strode over to rejoice with the American.

Spiranac already has more than 2million Instagram followers, eclipsing leading players like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson.

And along with her array of trick shots, glamour poses and other updates, the 28-year-old has now posted an image any golfer would be proud of.

Dressed in all black, at a 148-yard par-three 14th hole, she launched a fateful tee-shot that had her playing partners agog in silence.

One colleague then yelled: "Get in!" And the whole tee party erupted loudly as, out of picture, the ball dropped in.

Player was first in to hug Spiranac, who seemed stunned but eventually screamed: "Oh my God! I've done it!"

She turned to a woman who was videoing and asked excitedly: "Did you get  it?!"

The reply came: "Yea! We got it!" – much to Spiranac's delight.

Ironically, after such an up, she had begun the month highlighting one of golf's downs in another tweet.

She posted: "Nothing makes me hate golf more than hitting snap hooks off the tee."

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