WWE legends Goldberg and The Undertaker clash at Super ShowDown

Goldberg returned to the WWE ring to face The Undertaker in a battle of two wrestling icons at Super ShowDown.

The contest was short-lived but captured the imagination of the crowd in Jeddah from the lengthy entrances until the match’s final bell.

Goldberg even shed blood for the cause, hitting his head on the corner post while attempting a Spear, a move which may have caused him a concussion, and ultimately he came up short in his bid to take down the Dead Man.

The crucial moment came when Goldberg attempted a Tombstone but Taker slid out from underneath and caught him with a chokeslam before making the winning pin.

After the match the ring was bathed in blue light as the Phenom’s familiar theme music played, to the delight of the Saudi crowd.

Brock Lesnar failed to complete the cash in of his Money In The Bank contract after the conclusion of the Universal title match between champion Seth Rollins and challenger Baron Corbin.

Rollins defeated Corbin with a roll-up but that brought out the Beast, who was ready to cash in on his WrestleMania conqueror until he was dropped with a low blow.

The Architect then ran riot, pummelling Lesnar with a series of chair shots to leave him down and out, and his title reign intact.

Kofi Kingston also retained his WWE title after pinning Dolph Ziggler with a Trouble in Paradise but the loss left the Show-off furious, and he later challenged the champion to a rematch on a steel cage.

The night’s other title match saw Finn Balor – as the Demon – retain against Andrade in a superb contest which was arguably the best on the card.

Randy Orton defeated Triple H in a gruelling match between two all-time greats which lasted more than 25 minutes and came to an end with a trademark RKO.

Shane McMahon defeated Roman Reigns thanks to a Claymore Kick from Drew McIntyre and it was confirmed that Reigns and McIntyre will meet at the Stomping Grounds pay-per-view later this month.

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