'90 Day Fiancé': Russ Mayfield and His Son Just Spent Some Time at the Beach

Russ and Paola Mayfield have become fan favorites over the years with their appearances in many 90 Day Fiancé spinoffs. Fans can stay up to date on the couple by following their respective social media accounts. Russ recently shared a few pictures of himself and his son, Axel, at the beach, and they’re a must-see for fans.

Russ and Paola Mayfield from the ’90 Day Fiancé’ franchise

The popular couple met at a party in Colombia. Russ was there working as an engineer in the oil industry at the time. They settled in Oklahoma first, where Russ is from. They were married in 2013, and their son, Axel, was born in 2019. They currently live in Miami, Florida, and Paola even has a new career as a professional wrestler.

Russ and Paola both have fan followings on social media, and they’ve been known to share posts with fans. Paola has an impressive 1.1 million followers on Instagram, while her husband has 354,000 followers.

Russ Mayfield and his son just spent some time at the beach


On June 5, 2021, Russ shared a few images of himself and his son while at the beach. He tagged them at Red Reef Beach, and in the photos, Russ has sunglasses on as he sits in the shallow water while holding his two-year-old son, Axel. Sand can be seen on the beach behind them, and Russ has a smile on his face while Axel has his arms out and mouth open. In the second shot, Russ is still holding Axel, and they both have smiles on their faces. One of Russ’ feet is out of the water, and it looks like they’re having a great time. 

Russ captioned the post on Instagram: “We sure do like our ☀️ and 🌊 time 😎.” Over 3,000 people liked the post and less than one hundred commented so far.

Paola Mayfield recently shared some photos of her little family

Paola recently shared a few selfies of herself and her family on Instagram. On May 31, Paola shared a photo with her red hair that appears to be orange closer to the ends. She has on red lipstick with a white ensemble. By her side is Russ, who is dropped down while holding his son with one hand. Russ smiles while wearing a yellow shirt. His son’s shirt appears to say “Love more” with a rainbow heart. Behind them another person can also be seen. The next photo is much the same with the family posing for the shot. Even Axel looks at the camera too.

Paola tagged her husband in the post, captioning it, “Love more 🥰.” Over 41,000 people liked the post, and over 400 commented on it.

Which ’90 Day Fiancé’ shows can fans see Russ and Paola Mayfield in?

Russ and Paola have been in a variety of shows in the franchise. Their first appearance happened in season 1 of the original 90 Day Fiancé. Since then, they’ve been in seasons 1 through 4 of Happily Ever After, as well as in episodes of Pillow Talk and Self-Quarantined. Plus, fans can watch them in discovery+ exclusive series called Love Games, as well as a new spinoff called 90 Day: Foody Call.

It’s always nice to see posts like the one of Russ and Axel at the beach.

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