Antiques Roadshow expert issues warning after tea set valuation ‘Don’t do it!

Antiques Roadshow: Expert estimates value of tea set

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The 44th series of Antiques Roadshow was in the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh at the end of last month, and expert Steven Moore had some kind words to say about a butterfly-themed tea set. However, BBC viewers may have been surprised by what he advised the owner to do with the priceless gift.

Antique expert Steven Moore warned a guest to keep hold of his valuable tea set on the latest Antiques Roadshow.

Steven admitted most tea sets were sent home after examination, as they are usually not worth the hassle of selling.

However, the auctioneer was rather taken with this collection, thanks to its lovingly crafted butterfly design.

The guest revealed his grandmother passed on the set after she moved into a nursing home.

He explained they had been a gift from his grandmother’s best friend, ‘Aunty Betty’.

Steven confirmed the set was designed by Aynsley, one of the most desirable brands of bone china.

The white cups and saucers were offset with a subtle yellow pattern, and included a small handle in the shape of a butterfly.

Tea and coffee-drinkers could fit their fingers perfectly over the comfortable handle, Steven explained.

Admiring the set, he said: “What could be nicer than a cup of coffee from that?”

Although he admitted the collection was ‘gorgeous’, he advised the seller to hang on to the cups and saucers for now.

While the antique would fetch an impressive price, its sentimental value encouraged Steven to advise against selling.

He cautioned: “I suppose you would never sell it because it was Granny’s tea set from Auntie Betty.”

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“But each piece is worth £100,” he then revealed.

As the set comes with three cups and saucers and a milk jug, the whole collection would be worth around £400.

Steven thought it would be best for the owner to hang on to the precious gift.

However, although the items would be taken home, he also warned against ever using the cups for their intended purpose.

“Probably admire it and don’t have your coffee from it,” he warned. “It’s one of those occasions.”

The expert revealed he often urges potential sellers to hold onto their mugs and keep using them, but suggested otherwise in this case.

The guest nodded in agreement, indicating he would probably be following Steven’s advice.  

Antiques Roadshow airs Sunday at 8pm on BBC One. 

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