Billie Eilish Terrifies Superfan Melissa McCarthy by Jumping Out of a Box on Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres pulled off another successful celebrity scare.

Musician Billie Eilish jumped out of a box on Ellen Wednesday to terrify her super fan Melissa McCarthy — and McCarthy’s The Kitchen costars Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss.

The singer, 17, made a special point to stop by the show before taking off for the San Francisco stop in her North American tour that night.

Just after McCarthy, 48, showed off her love for the pop star by playing a revised, comedic version of Eilish’s “Bad Guy” music video, the singer popped out from a hidden box behind the guest couch and DeGeneres’ chair. McCarthy screamed while Moss, 36, threw Haddish, 39, in front of her as a human shield.

After jumping out, Eilish gave McCarthy a big hug. “What if you knocked me out?” the actress joked.

“I’m still weirdly [shaking],” McCarthy said moments after the prank was over. “You’re just not supposed to experience that.”

But the scare was all in good fun, and Eilish told McCarthy that she approved of the new version of her music video, calling it “so cute.”

Apart from McCarthy’s love of her music, the Can You Ever Forgive Me? actress and Eilish have a small-world connection: “Her mom was my first improv teacher. Maggie Baird, who was amazing,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy had previously expressed her love of Eilish and her music when guest-hosting Ellen earlier this month.

“I love her, I’m completely obsessed with her, we listen to her all the time,” she said at the time. “In fact, if you don’t like her, just get up and get out.”

“I think we would make a great duo,” she added before introducing the “Bad Guy” spoof.

This isn’t the first time DeGeneres has pranked stars that visit her show with a big jump scare. She’s surprised Sean “Diddy” Combs and Sarah Paulson with clowns, Leah Michele with a Michael Meyers look-alike and Selena Gomez with a Taylor Swift impersonator.

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