Billy Connolly admits cancel culture would stop him performing Couldnt do these days

Billy Connolly says his hand is shaky during interview

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Sir Billy Connolly had a successful career as a comedian and an actor before he was forced to stop due to his Parkinson’s disease. The 79-year-old, who now lives in Florida, has been open with his fans regarding illness ever since he was diagnosed in 2013. It was at that point the Scottish legend decided to retire from live performances due to his condition worsening.

Despite not being able to perform anymore, Sir Billy often watches back some of his old performances on stage.

However, he has now admitted he wouldn’t be able to perform some of his old jokes nowadays because of “cancel culture”.

“I like it, I really do. It’s like watching somebody else,” the comedian explained.

“I don’t relate to it. It’s like I’m disembodied; it’s a lovely feeling.”

He continued to Radio Times: “I was watching the Wildebeest sketch and roaring with laughter, which is really weird. I’m separated from it that much, the more so because I can’t do it anymore.”

Discussing some of his old material, he added: “There are things I talked about I simply couldn’t do these days. It was healthier then.”

During his early career, Sir Billy was stalked by evangelical protestors who accused him of crucifying Christ a second time and threw bags of shillings at him.

“I like the balls it takes to get up and do it. You’re saying ‘I’m the funniest man in the room’, and then you have to prove it,” he added.

The comedy star recently said that his Parkinson’s disease makes his hands shake so much that his handwriting is illegible.

During his last tour, he used to say to the audience ahead of his performance: “Good evening symptom spotters.

“I would show them symptoms and it would work really well.”

Parkinson’s is caused by a loss of nerve cells in a specific part of the brain. These nerve cells are usually used to help the body send messages between the brain and the nervous system.

Last month, Sir Billy also appeared on The One Show where he gave BBC viewers an update on his condition.

The comedian appeared in a clip and was interviewed by his wife Dr Pamela Stephenson Connolly.

She asked Billy: “What’s it like living with Parkinson’s disease?”

“It has its moments you know,” Sir Billy replied. “Like just now my left hand is shaking.”

Sir Billy went on to explain that he was able to stop his hand from shaking by just looking at it.

He continued: “I used to be able to stop it by staring at it but that doesn’t work so much anymore.

“It’s not as frightened of me anymore as it used to be.”

“That’s incredible, I didn’t know you could do that,” his wife replied.

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