Britain’s Got Talent viewers left baffled as they ‘miss’ magician’s trick

Britain’s Got Talent’s second live semi-final of the week saw the return of magician and stuntman Matt Stirling on Tuesday.

He came prepared with another action-packed act for the judges and viewers, after impressing with his huge audition.

Matt combines magic with stunt work for his act, initially asking the judges to predict particular films, only for him to act them out.

For his semi-final routine, Matt brought out all the stunts yet again, this time asking the judges to pick things from jobs to directions.

But some viewers were left a little confused as the act went on, and even more so as it came to an end.

The music kept playing as Matt signalled the performance was over, with applause on stand-by because no one realised.

This wasn’t what left those at home confused though, and actually it was the act itself.

At the end, Matt revealed he knew what the judges were going to say all along.

He asked David Williams to show a metal dish to the crowd, with the different answers engraved on the back as if he knew all along what would be picked.

But it was the stunts in-between, including fake Ant and Dec being set on fire and a window cleaner falling onto the stage, that really sparked confusion.

While the judges praised Matt, many fans admitted they were completely lost and had no idea what was going on, or what the trick of the act was.

One viewer said: “So what’s the trick?” as another asked: “What’s happening here?”

A third commented: “I don’t get this,” while a fourth added: “I'm not sure what's going on here.”

Britain’s Got Talent airs all this week at 7:30pm, live on ITV.

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