Britain’s Got Talent’s sexy magician act Angels Inc ‘exposed’ by eagle-eyed fans

Britain’s Got Talent fans believe they have exposed magician act Angels Inc's empowering routine, that saw the ladies "multiplying" on stage.

As Angels Inc from The Netherlands took to the stage, they pulled off an impressive magic act that saw the group growing in size to the point the stage was filled with women.

The act sees them pulling some serious moves and climbing in and out of boxes, while also climbing on top of different items.

Said items and boxes are then covered up, and when the cover is removed new members of the group appear as if out of nowhere.

Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden both said they felt “empowered” by the girls and their powerful performance.

But some viewers, while praising the girls, were quick to point out they believed they had worked out how the girls did the trick.

Some viewers claimed they spotted some crucial moments being exposed on camera, that potentially revealed how the act was performed.

Taking to Twitter to share their theories, several fans said they noticed there were multiple covers on the boxes, with girls also seen waiting in the background.

One fan said: “Anybody else notice the black cover on 1 of the boxes came off when they opened the door?”

Another agreed: “Shame the hand behind bars box revealed a secondary black cover when opened.”

A third commented: “Ok they looked lovely but what was the magic? You could see everyone of them getting in and getting out ! That is not magic, and it was just the same as last time!”

Simon Cowell wasn’t so sure he liked the act, leading to an on-air spat with David Walliams .

David turned to Simon and shouted: “Get with the programme granddad, this is feminism in 2019.”

Simon appeared unimpressed with his comments, before responding: “I’m not the one who’s voting, smart a**e. Okay?”

Britain’s Got Talent airs all this week live on ITV at 7:30pm.

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