‘Cant wait for the bit about his naked Las Vegas party’ GB News host savages Harry memoir

GB News host mocks Prince Harry’s memoir

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Alex Phillips and Simon McCoy presented GB News on Tuesday evening and commented on the news Prince Harry is planning to release a book about his life. The presenters poked fun at the royal and his planned memoir, with Alex launching into a rant. She brought up a number of negative stories about the Duke of Sussex and suggested they may not make it into the book.

Earlier this week it was revealed the Duke of Sussex is writing a memoir and the news has sparked discussions around the world.

The upcoming book is set to be published by Penguin Random House in late 2022.

Harry will be donating proceeds from the book to charity, Penguin Random House said.

However, GB News hosts Alex and Simon delved into the royal news story on Tuesday evening and poked fun at the Duke’s planned book.

The pair introduced the story while making a number of jokes about the Duke of Sussex.

“One of my favourite characters The Duke of Montecito,” Alex began, causing her co-star to burst out laughing.

“That’s Prince Harry to you and me. The Duke of Montecito, you are naughty, ” said Simon.

Alex continued: “He’s suddenly discovered he has a book in him. Who’d have thunk?

“HRH ‘Why do the media keep Harrying me?’ is treating the world to his lived truth yet again with a tell all book about his journey. Dear lord someone make him stop!

“The suddenly literary prince, who let’s not forget miraculously managed to get two A-levels a B and a D, is now sharing his words of wisdom.

“Not about the Prince he was born but about the man he has become apparently. What has he become exactly?” the GB News host questioned.

Alex continued: “I suppose he can turn the tax-payer revamped Frogmore Cottage into the national vomitorium when the ABC of ‘me, me, me’ is printed in Comic Sans to the fanfare of Penguin.”

“Puke bowls at the ready,” she joked as she read out Penguin’s description of the book.

She continued to mock the Duke of Sussex and the content of his upcoming memoir.

“So, so brave, abandoning your nearest and dearest, crowing about being cut off by daddy when he’s shuffling over a million bob and dossing around in LA with a load of self-righteous luvvies.

“So, so, intimate revealing every detail of your life to the queen of chat and none of your blood relatives,” she exclaimed.

Alex teased: “Do you know what? I can’t wait for the bit about his naked Las Vegas party!”

She continued listing stories about the Duke: “When he made his teacher cheat his exam. When he was so steaming he fell into a swimming pool and daddy made him go to rehab for a day.

“When he drank champagne out of a prosthetic leg and lamped a pap and hooked up with a real housewife.

“And of course that choice of fancy dress. Now that is a book I’d read. But something tells me recollections may vary,” she remarked.

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