Chris Packham opens up on gruesome side of Autumnwatch

Autumnwatch: Chris Packham opens the 2022 series

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The naturalist and television presenter is known for taking part in all kinds of wildlife-focused programmes, including the Watch series which captivates nature-loving viewers all year round, tracking the movements of wildlife throughout the seasons. This year’s Autumnwatch recently ended, and speaking exclusively to, Chris delved into the more harrowing aspects of the BBC staple.

Chris fronts Autumnwatch, Springwatch and Winterwatch, lending his expertise as cameras capture special moments from the great outdoors.

However, the series often has to raise awareness of devastating events impacting animals and the natural world, which can be distressing.

Speaking about the audience response to the series, the 61-year-old explained: “We get good audience response.

“They’re always very excited that they see things that are new, they’re always very excited when they’ve provided a resource for wildlife, [like] bird food or bird boxes or feeding mammals and so on and so forth.

“And in fact, their enthusiasm, the audience’s enthusiasm is a great fuel for us on the programme.

“You know it means that we’re connecting and meeting our mission.

“And our mission is to engage people with UK wildlife and make sure that they understand that it’s interesting, fascinating, beautiful and worthy of looking after.

“And they take that on board, you know, and then occasionally we do the more hard-hitting things.”

“We just did a thing about bird flu in Autumnwatch which was pretty gruesome really,” he continued.

“Bird flu has impacted very negatively on our wildlife populations this last year.

“So yeah, we also point out some of the difficulties of that wildlife is facing and hopefully that compels people to want to get out and look after it.”

Chris recently took to Twitter to blast the animal cruelty in ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

“In a cohort of people, amongst whom there are some true gems of integrity and credibility,” Chris wrote in view of his 578,700 followers.

“But others who have sold their souls to greed, what good does it do your colleagues to sell your shirt to the ultimate in animal abusing trash TV?”

Wildlife groups have hit out at I’m A Celeb in the past, with BBC TV personality Chris often leading the criticism.

He has sent several letters to the ITV reality show, accusing them of “stereotyping” the animals which he believes are being used for “entertainment”.

He told Metro: “The time I spend making TV programmes I’m trying to engender an affinity for life.

“It’s not just about the cute and the cuddly, it’s about everything because everything is necessary. So it’s about snakes, it’s about spiders, it’s about cockroaches.

“What I object to on the programme is the ongoing stereotyping of these animals as being things which are dirty, disgusting, poisonous, dangerous and so on and so forth. And that’s counter-productive to everything that I do.”

Autumnwatch is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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